Review: The Dragonfly Secret

TITLE: The Dragonfly Secret: A story of Boundless Love
AUTHOR: Cleo & John Adams
DATE: October 2008

This is such a beautiful story. I was in tears reading it. When my favorite aunt passed away I had gotten little signs like that. Its nice to know that there can be signs out there. My son loved the book.

The illustrations are beautiful in the book as you can see below. The book is about a mother and father who are grieving the death of their son and the fathers parents. David uses the dragonfly to get the attention of his parents. He gives the dragonfly three things to do for him the next day in the garden. All which Lea, the dragonfly does.

Its a beautiful story about love and hope that transends all bountries.

This picture is the part in the book where he is asking the dragonfly to do three things for him. “You have message to deliver, a promise so true, it can only be carried by a dragonfly like you.”

“The tenderness in her eyes drew Lea closer. The air around her became warm. The flowers and grass brightened.”

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