Review: Arsenic Soup for Lovers

Title: Arsenic Soup for Lovers: When Chicken Soup Doesn’t Work
Author: Georgia Z. Post
Date: June 2007
Genre: Collection of 25 very very short stories

I got this book today in the mail. Seeing as I wasn’t feeling very well I thought this would be a nice quick funny read for today. That it was. There were a few short stories that had me laughing. From the Mid Life Crisis to Perfect Couple plus a few others.

These are about 3 minute short stories. These are probably ordinary life situations that turn into quirky funny moments. They range from ex wives who want to get even, widows who want to get married again, couples who are about to divorce, the perfect couple, the husband who is having a mid life crisis, a guy looking for his ideal woman and the man with a fetish.

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