Review: Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin

I was reading a review of her new book in the paper a few weeks ago. (Love the one you’re with) It seemed like a really good book. I went out and got her previous books. You don’t have to read the previous ones. Only two books are based with the same characters. Which I have read and will review here.

I was unsure when I started to read Something borrowed if I was going to like it. I was pleasantly surprised. I really liked the book. Its a work of fiction. (Which is my fave genre of books)

Something borrowed is about a woman named Rachel. She is young attorney living on working in NYC (Manhatten). Rachel is always the good girl. She is sort of living under the shadow of her best friend Darcy. What ever Darcy wants Darcy gets. Darcy has the perfect life, career, fiance etc.

Things change for Rachel on her 30th bday. Darcy has planned her bday party. Darcy of course ends up being the center of attention. Ends of drunk and her fiance Dex (who is really Rachels friend from college) takes her home but only comes back because Darcy left her purse at the club.

Rachel introduced Darcy and Dex several years before. They are engaged and set to get married in a mere few months.

Rachel has had one too many drinks on her bday and when Dex comes back they have a few more. They leave and the next thing you know it they are in bed together. The next morning Rachel tries to put that night behind her. She feels bad for what has happened. To her it was on one off. She was drunk and she thought Dex was too. Only to find out that he really wasn’t drunk.

Rachel soon discovers that she truly has feelings for Dex and they continue to see each other. She tells Dex that if he really doesn’t love Darcy then he needs to cancel the wedding. Shortly after that she gets the invite to the wedding. (she is the maid of honor) Feeling all the pressure of being at Darcy’s beck and call and dealing with the wedding stuff she flees to London to see her friend Ethan. She goes to clear her head.

On the way home she has come to realize that Dex will marry Darcy and they he never will be her’s even though she knows he loves her and not Darcy. When she gets back from London Dex is waiting for her.

I don’t want to say much more and spoil the ending so I will stop there. I really enjoyed the book and was rooting for Rachel the whole time. Rachel is just like me in ways. I never fight for what I really want or wanted. So it was nice to see that a good person like Rachel got want she wanted or deserved.

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