Review: Remember me? by Sophie Kinsella

Remember Me?: A Novel



What happens if you wake up one morning and realize that all of your dreams have magically come true overnight? This is what happened to Lexi Smart. She wakes up in a hospital to find that she doesn’t recognize herself – literally. The frizzy hair she had is gone, replaced by a sleek, shiny mane, and the lifelong nickname “Snaggletooth” just doesn’t apply anymore.

When the nurse gives Lexi her bag she thinks the nurse made a mistake. She doesn’t believe the Louis Vuitton handbag is actually hers. Why? Because Lexi has no memory of the past three years. In her mind, she’s a struggling assistant manager at a flooring company who just had a typical crazy night out with her girlfriends in 2004. In reality, she’s actually a member of the Board of Directors of that flooring company and is waking up from a minor car accident in 2007.

Lexi finds that she has everything she has ever wanted: she is beautiful, married to a ridiculously good-looking guy, makes a lot of money, and lives in the most beautiful loft she has ever seen. So what if everyone at the office not-so-secretly wishes she hadn’t recovered from the car accident? And so what if her oldest friends don’t want anything to do with her anymore? And does it really matter if her new husband scolds her like a child for not putting her shoes away properly?

This is a tale of Lexi’s quest to discover what happened to her during those three years to turn her into a person whom she doesn’t physically or emotionally recognize, and what she does when she finds out that her new life may not be as picture perfect as it seems.

For me the most interesting parts of the book come when Lexi is trying to discover what drove her to this complete personality change. She looks at what her husband and friends demonstrate that her life has become and searches for some fragment of the Lexi she knows within it.
Ironically, it is not with her husband that Lexi finds remnants of the woman she used to be, but with his architect partner, Jon. Jon delivers startling news to her soon after their first meeting and, unsure of whether to trust him, she holds him at arm’s length while trying to decipher the puzzle of the last three years.

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