Product Review/ Roam Mobility USA Travel Sim Card


Before I begin this post I should let you know that this is a sponsored post. I was graciously supplied a free USA Travel SIM Card and a phone plan when I went to NYC for BEA at the end of May for a honest and sincere review.

This year before heading down to NYC for BEA I was researching my phone options because I have an iPhone 5c and I need to stay in touch with my family at home. This is the only way I can travel with a piece of mind.

I have to admit that I was shocked at how much it would cost me to stay connected. The phone plans are ridiculous here in Canada and any add on plans so that I can use my phone in the USA is crazy. I was a little shocked at how much I would have to pay so that was when I started looking around and found out about Roam Mobility.

I looked their site over and I was surprised at how much cheaper it was. The only expense I had to cover was unlocking my phone with my current cell phone provider, Koodo and that was $35 Canadian.


I was surprised at what Roam Mobility was offering. The big thing for me was being able to call my family in Montreal and to be able to text them as well as call and text friends in the USA.

I was leaving Montreal, May 26th in the AM and traveling into NYC. I was going to be there for 5 days. Since Koodo is my provider they were offering for a 10 day package with unlimited minutes, 250 MB of data, unlimited outgoing texts and free incoming texts for $40. If I was to surpass the data I would have to pay $5/50 MB and honestly thats not alot so I checked out the next plan and it was basically the same except it was for 30 days with 750MB for $75 which is a little bit much and I knew that I would be traveling to the USA again in about two months and I would have to pay the same thing over again.

So enter Roam Mobility. With Roam Mobility you can purchase a plan for the number of days you are in the USA for. Since I was traveling I needed a plan that would cover me 6 days. I was able to get a Text+Talk+Data for $3.95/day ($24.89 total) and I got unlimited talk (local and long distance), text and data. This was the better deal considering I will be heading to the USA again shortly and all I have to do is top up my account before leaving and pop in the USA Sim card and I am good to go.


Roam Mobility has a map online that shows you their coverage and I never encountered any problems with coverage in New York City or on the way to and from. The only problems were and this happens to everyone is along the Adirondack Mountains where there is no cell phone coverage. You should note that the SIM card doesn’t work in Canada and will only work once you cross into the USA.

Set Up:

You can purchase SIM cards online from Roam Mobility or through your local store which is listed HERE or HERE. Once you have the SIM card all you have to do is create an account to activate the SIM card and purchase your plan. Just remember your phone needs to be unlocked in order for the card to work.

To set up an account and to activate the card was super easy. I can actually say that because I am not very technically savvy and if I say its easy then its easy.

Then all you have to do is insert the USA SIMS card and perhaps add the new APN (and you will be provided with all this information) and you are good to go. Please Roam Mobility will even send you a text just in case. You don’t have to worry about anything.

Overall thoughts:

I wasn’t quite sure how I wanted to review this because its the first time I am doing anything like this for electronics but I hope you find this review helpful. I am completely impressed with Roam Mobility. The representive who contacted me got me all set up with easy detailed emails and when I say that I mean it was all straight forward nothing complicated about it.

Since I am traveling to the USA again in about a month or two my SIMS card will be activate again until 365 days from now when all you have to do is top up your plan. I am sure I will be back and forth to the USA and at this rate it will be the cheapest way to go when it comes to a phone plan.

All you need to do if you choose Roam Mobility is keep your SIM card active within a 365 day period. I highly recommend Roam Mobility if you are traveling to the USA and need to keep in touch with family back home or even to have a phone in the USA.

Thanks to @RoamMobility for keeping me connected while I was in NYC. #RoamFree