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Love the Boyfriend Chronicles Series by Chris Cannon? Then Don’t Miss The Boyfriend Bet‘s Release Week Blitz!

Whether you read Blackmail Boyfriend by Chris Cannon already or not, The Boyfriend Bet is guaranteed to have you LOLing and swooning simultaneously whenever one of Zoe and Grant’s PDAs get them sent to detention…yet again. You’ll get up close and personal with Zoe Cain, a feisty main character who loves to bake, crochet, and kiss wealthy Grant Evertide – in part – because her older brother hates him. Grant and Zoe not only end up spending many afternoons in detention together, but also falling hard for one another. If it sounds like a book that will do it for you, then don’t hesitate to buy it on release day.

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Check out this fun teaser from The Boyfriend Bet:

Jack shoved his finger in my face. “You can talk to any other guy you want to at this school, but you are not allowed to talk to him.”

Had my brother learned nothing over the last sixteen years? Apparently not, and for that he would pay. I turned back to the source of my brother’s irritation. “Grant, do you have a girlfriend who would mind if you kissed me to piss off my brother?”

In answer, he leaned down and pressed his mouth against mine. Bam. Instant heat.

The Boyfriend Bet

About The Boyfriend Bet:

Disclaimer: This Entangled Teen Crush book contains multiple PDAs, after-school detentions, and gambling on the side. Warning: betting on a boyfriend is bad for your health.

Zoe Cain knows that Grant Evertide is way out of her league. So naturally, she kisses him. Out of spite. Not only is Grant her brother’s number-one nemesis, but he has zero interest in being tied down to one girl. She’s shocked-and secretly thrilled-when they start spending more time together.

Zoe’s brother claims Grant is trying to make her his “Ringer,” an oh-so-charming tradition where a popular guy dates a non-popular girl until he hooks up with her, then dumps her.Zoe threatens to neuter Grant with hedge clippers if he’s lying but Grant swears he isn’t trying to trick her. Still, that doesn’t mean Grant is the commitment type-even if winning a bet is on the line.

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Release Blitz/ Fish Wielder

Fish Wielder Cover

Title: Fish Wielder
Series: Fish Wielder Series (Book 1)
Author: J.R.R.R (Jim) Hardison
Pages: 288
Publisher: Fiery Seas Publishing, LLC
Pub Date: August 23, 2016

Fish Wielder is kind of like *Lord of the Rings*, set in Narnia, if it was written by the guys who made *Monty Python and the Holy Grail* while they were listening to the music of *They Might Be Giants*.

In ancient times, the Dark Lord Mauron cooked the most powerful magic chocolate dessert ever made, the Pudding of Power. One thousand and two years later, the evil leader of the Bad Religion, the Heartless One, is trying to recover the lost pudding in order to enslave the peoples of Grome. Only the depressed barbarian warrior Thoral Might Fist and his best friend, Brad the talking Koi fish, have a chance to save the world of Grome from destruction, but that’s going to take a ridiculous amount of magic and mayhem. Thus begins the epically silly epic fantasy of epic proportions, *Fish Wielder*—book one of the Fish Wielder Trilogy.

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Fish Wielder authorAbout the Author:

Jim has worked as a writer, screen writer, animator and director in entertainment and commercials since graduating from Columbia College of Chicago in 1988. He is the author of The Helm, which YALSA praised as one of 2010’s best graphic novels for young readers, and has directed animated commercial and entertainment projects, including spots for M&M’s, AT&T, and Kellogg’s. He co-founded Character LLC in 2000 and has given story advice to many of the world’s largest brands, such as Target, Verizon, Samsung, McDonalds and Walmart, and has even appeared on NBC’s “The Apprentice” as an expert adviser on brand characters. Jim lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife, two kids and two dogs. Fish Wielder is his first novel.

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Release Blitz/ Illicit

illicit 2

Cover (9)

Title: Illicit: A Stepbrother Romance

Author: Sierra Rayne

Release Date: March 15, 2016


Cindy ~

My stepdad, Jim, was an amazing man. Perfect, except with him came his son – the Devil. Life was wonderful until Shane showed up. I’m always in control unless he’s around. He has a way of unraveling me to the point that I’m a twisted mess – just like him. I’ve managed to stay away from Shane most of my adult life, until Mom and Jim’s death. Their last request makes that impossible now. My life will never be the same after this journey with my cocky, arrogant stepbrother.

Shane ~

When Dad married Barbara, life slapped me in the face with Cindy – the princess. She liked to sit on her pedestal and look down on the rest of us. Where I’m easy going, she’s a control freak. We’ve spent our whole lives avoiding each other, now we’re forced to spend time together to fulfill our parent’s last request. I was determined to make the best of it for my Dad and Barb. Being near her is even harder than I imagined, because I want her—and it’s driving me mad. This trip could be the most important thing I’ve ever done in my life, it’s what our parents wanted for us . . . but I’m not sure they wanted this.

**Two people on a journey from the heart. Will this change their lives forever or will it completely destroy what little relationship they have left?**

teaser 1 (3)


Copyright © 2016 by Sierra Rayne

“Fuck you, asshole. I didn’t come here to be your friend and as for your sarcastic, bullshit comments about the way I look, keep them to your damn self. You made fun of the way I looked enough when we were growing up, I sure as hell don’t have to put up with it now.”

“Princess, I…”

“And stop fucking calling me that. I’ve always hated that shit. I’m not a damn princess. I don’t put myself on a pedestal and look down on people the way you always said I did,” she growls in a low tone as she looks around to make sure no one is watching.

“Wait, Prin…Cindy. Tha..”

“Save it Shane, the bullshits over. We have to make this trip together but we’re not going to accomplish anything this way. I know mom and Jim wanted us to be friends but I will not let you belittle me,” she continues through gritted teeth, then gets up to stomp out of the restaurant.

I leave more than enough money on the table to pay the check and run after her, catching her just outside the door. “What the hell was that all about?” I ask as I grab her arm to slow her down. She yanks free and keeps walking. I decide to shut up because whatever I say, she’s gonna take it wrong. Bitch switch has definitely been flipped.

As we near the door of the hotel, she stumbles and almost eats pavement but I catch her before she does. “Let me go!” she says as she’s trying to regain her footing.

“You got it, Princess,” I say as I lower her to the ground and walk off. As much as I wanted to, I didn’t drop her to the ground. Even I’m not that much of an asshole. This damn sure hasn’t started out well and I’m sure it’s not gonna end well, but what the hell; I’m not doing this for her anyway so I continue on to the room without looking back.

teaser 2 (4)

{Author Bio}

I’m a small town, Kentucky girl. And, before you ask, yes we are all as ornery as you’ve heard….just ask my poor husband. Honestly, I’m married to the most wonderful man you could ever want to meet. Between the two of us, we have 7 children and two grand babies so holidays are always a blast at our house!

I began on this journey as an author in July, 2015 and I’m loving every minute of it! I would have never dreamed I could do something like this, but here I am.

I released my first book on Sept 2, 2015! MAN, that was soooo awesome!! Now I’m living the dream! Writing allows me to express all the thoughts running through my head and share them with others.

On this journey, I have learned something new every day and I have befriended some of the most fantastic people that I have ever met. These folks have become part of my family and I love them dearly.

To all of you, never give up, never stop dreaming and always keep the faith!

Sierra Rayne

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