Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Kids

Stocking Stuffer Ideas @cindysloveofbooks

If your a parent like me you probably wonder what to put in a stocking for Christmas especially for kids right? I know every year I am in the same boat of just not knowing what to put into one so I tend to shop early and pick up cute little things as I see then and I also hit the dollar store often to see what new things that have.



Today I am going to show you what was in my son’s stocking from last Christmas (2014). I can’t show you this years because then he will know what he is getting and it will spoil the fun.

I think this year we will need to upgrade his stocking because as he is getting older (12) its getting harder to fit it all in.

This Montreal Canadiens stocking has been his favorite for the past few years and he always wants to use it so we will see if we can find a bigger version of this.

Here is what was in this jammed packed stocking:

  • The Simpson’s comic book (I love including a magazine in our stockings each year)
  • a pack of Pixi Stixs
  • assorted Kinder chocolates
  • a new tooth brush and toothpaste (we all get new ones)
  • Kool aide drink
  • Lindt chocolate bar (we all get one of these each year)
  • a note pad and pen (he loves doodling and making notes)
  • BBW Shower Gel in Endless Weekend
  • Lego (anything in poly bags)
  • Lego mini figures pouches
  • minecraft little figures (another thing he loves)
  • Ice Breaker candy
  • loom bands (he will take his own and make some every once in awhile)
  • lollipops
  • stickers

This is just some of the things that he always gets but as he gets older I am sure it will change. I hope this little list helps you and gives you a few ideas. Please let me know in the comments below some of the things you put in for kids stockings.