BirchBox comes to Canada but Not Quebec


For years now I have been drooling over BirchBox and was really disappointed to discover that they only shipped in the USA.  But C’est la vie right. Its not their fault they don’t ship to Canada, right?

Well imagine my surprise last week when I saw on instagram announcing they were coming to Canada. Not going to lie but I was thrilled and I must admit I did a happy dance and perhaps screamed and yelled a bit.

So for the past week I kept dreaming about BirchBox (I signed up to get email notifications and to their facebook page) and all the great goodies I would get to try and discover. I even went as far as to start working on a blog post and designing a button for my posts to even thinking about perhaps vlogging it. BirchBox was going to be the exception to the rule when it came to a new subscription box.

Well that happy little dream came crashing down over my head when I found out from a facebook friend that yes indeed BirchBox was coming to Canada but not to Quebec! What? What do you mean BirchBox is excluding Quebec? How freaking crazy is that?

So I instantly took to their facebook page to see if there was a valid reason and guess what? There is no valid reason just a very generic reply of

We so sorry for any inconvenience! The good news is we are actively looking into bringing Birchbox to Quebec in the near future, and we appreciate your patience in the meantime.

People have commented that it has to do with the language law and I am sorry i don’t buy that since other USA subscription boxes are delivered here (Ipsy, Beauty Box 5, Julep, Fortune Cookie Soap etc) with no problems.

Sadly BirchBox is probably losing out on a market here because we were all excited to hear that they were coming to Canada. I clearly think that this should have been mentioned before that they were excluding Quebec and not until afterwards when enough hype was built up about it. Perhaps that was their plan?

I have to admit that this left a bad taste in my mouth and I honestly think that BirchBox is going to have to do a hell of a lot to get us Quebec’ers on board when and if they ever launch here in Quebec. So for now guess what BirchBox? My money will be going towards GlossyBox USA which seems to have no problem shipping to Quebec.

To my Quebec friends, readers and followers would you subscribe to BirchBox?