Book Blitz: Teach Me by L.L. Ash

Teach Me
L. L. Ash
Publication date: February 14th 2023
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

From the Bestselling Author of HIM.


I’ve been trying to get that TA job ever since my senior year at college. I’m in my last semester of my Master’s degree and finally got the job. Only problem is our new professor is a sexy, middle aged, brilliant writer and an even better teacher. He runs the English department and now he’s my boss, my professor, and the center of every last one of my fantasies. There’s no way I should want him this much, but it’s those dang glasses and that smile and that little dimple in his chin. I was swooning the moment I met Professor Harlo, but the moment he opened his mouth, I fell in love.


This is the last thing I wanted. I’m fresh off a divorce and with two kids and two demanding careers, I don’t have the time or energy for this. Except, this girl sticks inside my brain like ABC gum and I can’t shake her. Doesn’t help that we’re crammed in my office grading papers several days a week for hours at a time. The whole innocent thing she has going on kept me away, but she’s a writer too, and I made the mistake of reading her half finished romance book. Unfortunately for me, the things I love about this girl are her mind and spirit, and those are the two things I can’t say no to.

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Writing was my life.

And I’m not joking about that. If I couldn’t write, I would be absolutely useless to society. Some people take antidepressants, or do yoga or hike, or eat really good chocolate ice cream. For me, I write. It’s my therapy, if you will.

So, to say that my creative writing class was my favorite my first year of college was a bit of an understatement. I mean, I’d taken it every year since I started college. When I became knowledgeable enough to become the class’s TA, oh my God, it was like a dream come true.

Sure, being a teaching assistant was mostly just correcting tests, reading papers and doing the grunt work that my professor didn’t have time to do, but I didn’t care. I was going to be learning from some of the best, and my writing was going to benefit. Hell, maybe I’d even try to publish!

Now, the big obstacle ahead of me was getting the job.

I stood outside my professor’s office door, waiting for time to tick by because I was ten minutes early.

“Goddamnit!” I heard from behind the office door and my eyes widened.

Professor Harlo was new, replacing my recently retired professor. A spike of worry shot through me, wondering if the man had a temper.

The door swung open and there Professor Harlo was, over six feet tall, in slacks and a white shirt, deft fingers ripping off his tie.

“Oh, shit,” he whispered, jumping a little when he saw me there outside his door. “You here for the TA job?”

I nodded dumbly, my head bobbing up and down while he dabbed at his shirt. The big brown coffee stain on the front of his shirt finally grabbed my attention.

“Are you ok?” I finally bumbled, grabbing the tissue out of his hand so I could vigorously rub at the stain. “Did it burn you?”

Professor Harlo raised an eyebrow at me and watched me make a bloody fool of myself while I cleaned off my professor.

Oh God…

I finally blinked, realizing what I was doing, and shoved the napkin back at him.

“Sorry, I don’t know what I was…”

“Know how to get this out?” he asked, pointing to the spot and interrupting my apology.

I nodded.

“Good,” he said, waving me into his office as he wandered back in himself.

Those fingers, long and dexterous, started unbuttoning his shirt, starting from the neck down. I watched slack-jawed while he didn’t even bother glancing at me.

“Consider this a trial run,” he said finally, sliding his shirt off his arms before he bunched it against his bare chest.

Uh, yes, bare chest. And what a chest it was! His skin was pale, but there were muscles there that many academic men never bothered to develop. A dusting of freckles sprinkled across his pecs, and a peppering of dark hair trailed down into the band of his slacks.

“Hey,” he called, making the ‘I’m watching you’ motion with his fingers and eyes. “Get this all cleaned up and you’ve got the job.”

I blinked, clearing my mind as he shoved the shirt at me and pulled on an old man cardigan that fit him so well; the horn rimmed glasses on his face accentuating his dark, carmel colored eyes.

“What’s your name, by the way?” he asked once he was dressed again.

I drew my eyes away from the little triangle of chest and neck I was staring at and looked him in the face.

“Mia,” I stammered. “Mia Miller.”

“That’s fun enunciation,” he said with a grunt. “Ok, Miss Mia Miller. I want that back by tomorrow. Can you handle it?”

I lifted my eyebrows and nodded.

“Good,” was all he said before grabbing his leather briefcase bag and moving past me through the door, locking it on the way out. “By lunch tomorrow!”

I watched him saunter off after locking his office door behind us, and felt like my entire world had just imploded in that tiny room.

Once he was gone though, it was easier to breathe, and when I got some oxygen into my brain, I was able to finally convince myself of how idiotic my little instant crush was. Not only was my professor likely ‘over the hill’ and in his forties, but he was going to be my boss. Because yeah, I was getting the darn job, and no amount of coffee stained shirts were going to get in my way.

Shutting off the blood flow to my little love button, I stuffed the shirt into my backpack and hurried to my next class. Math. Yuck.


Author Bio:

L.L. Ash is a Washington-born writer who has traveled and lived across the western coast of the US. Ash has been writing fiction since she was a pre-teen, and while her writing has improved since then, her love for literature has not changed.

Oftentimes you can find Ash reading an indie romance or enjoying a historical fiction. Dabbling in culinary arts and music, Ash has been an artist for decades but found her true love and passion in romances.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram



Book Blitz: Wedding Tails

Wedding Tails: A Limited Edition Romance Anthology
Publication date: February 14th 2023
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

All you need is love…and a dog.

From USA TODAY Bestselling authors, Jennie Marts & Sharon Wray, and Award-winning authors, Debbie Burns, Babette de Jonghe, Teri Anne Stanley, Mara Wells, and Lucy Gilmore

From USA Today and award-winning authors comes seven wedding tales featuring characters from your favorite Sourcebooks’ series that prove all you need is love…and a dog.

What happens when…
… a reluctant cowboy agrees to get set up at a wedding, but then he and his dog fall for the wrong bridesmaid? (Save the Date for a Cowboy)
… a negative post about a major league baseball player’s relationship with the publicity-shy girl of his dreams goes viral, can he still convince her to walk down the aisle? (Two Weddings and a Husky)
… a sworn bachelor rescues a pretty girl on the way to a wedding but falls for the woman of his dreams at the reception? (Wedding Bells in Magnolia Bay)
… a cowboy finds out the woman he’s always dreamed of wants him–and his dog–but he knows he’s the last thing in the world she needs? (Rescuing the Groomsman)
… a dog-loving wedding planner must enlist the aid of a sworn-against-pets groomsman to save their friends’ wedding? (Fur-ever Yours)
… the only person who can help the best man train the world’s laziest dog to walk down the aisle is the girl who got away…and the girl he’d do anything to win back? (The Very Best Man)
… star-crossed lovers can’t find the flower girl and her ring-bearer dog who’ve disappeared on a remote Georgia sea island hours before their long-awaited wedding? (Searching for Ever After)

Return to the worlds of:
Creedence Horse Rescue (Jennie Marts)
Rescue Me (Debbie Burns)
Magnolia Bay (Babette de Jongh)
Big Chance Dog Rescue (Teri Anne Stanley)
Fur Haven Dog Park (Mara Wells)
I Hate You More (Lucy Gilmore)
Deadly Force (Sharon Wray)

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Book Blitz: Entangle You by Diana A. Hicks

Entangle You
Diana A. Hicks
Publication date: January 30th 2023
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance, Suspense

Find out what happens when a college graduate meets a wealthy CEO in a coffee shop and discovers a chemistry that burns hotter than a steaming latte!

Life has never been much of a fairytale for Valentina, but she’s determined to make up for her past mistakes and bring her son home. Could an intimidating-as-hell coffee house stranger really hold the key to make that happen?

Derek didn’t set out to be anyone’s prince. He may have the riches of a king, but his divorce has made him feel powerless in the battle to keep the business he worked so hard to make a success.

He’s on the verge of losing everything while Valentina struggles to keep what little she has together. Can love over lattes help them build something new?

Author’s Note:Entangle You was previously published under Love Over Lattes.

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Only 99¢ for a limited time!


“I dropped my key.” God, I sounded like an idiot.

She nodded and scooted her chair back. I had an odd urge to grab her leg to stop her. Women normally didn’t run away from me. What the hell? I rose to my feet. Her eyes followed mine until her long neck and smooth collarbone were exposed. Sexy. Now it was my turn to take a step back. Distance felt like a good idea. I smiled at her and placed my hands on my hips to keep myself in check.

Our gazes locked, and I swallowed, feet glued to the wooden planks. “Hi, I’m Cole.” I offered her my hand. “Derek Cole.”

Valentina arched a perfectly-shaped eyebrow. She wore no makeup, but her skin was soft and radiant.

My fingers itched to touch her, to give in, and… “I mean, my name is Derek, but my friends call me Cole.” That usually came out a lot smoother.

“Nice to meet you.” She placed her hand in mine. Gardenias. She smelled like gardenias. “I’m Valentina.”

Her hand was small, but she had a firm shake. Here was a woman who knew what she wanted, who wasn’t afraid of anything. Why was she crying then? Like the first day I saw her, a smile pulled at the corner of my mouth, and a blast of adrenaline rushed through me. A feeling I only got when I wrote code. Suddenly, I released her hand as if it had turned into a piece of hot coal.

“Well, I gotta go.” I showed her my key. The universal sign for this is the only reason I came back. I had to go before I made a complete ass of myself and broke the only rule keeping my head above water right now—no attachments, especially of the female kind.

“Good luck with your list.” I turned to leave.

“I’ll need a little more than luck to get my house back,” she muttered, eyes brimming with tears again.

Damn it.

Through the window, a cloud rushed across the sky, covering the sun for a moment. The shift in lighting stopped me in my tracks. Shit. This was a bad idea. Just then I chucked any fantasy I’d ever had about Valentina from my mind before I walked to the condiment bar and grabbed a couple of napkins. When I walked back to her, I forced a slow gait, taking my time pulling out the chair next to her. I kept waiting for her to send me away, but she never did. Instead, she gawked at me as if I had suddenly grown an extra head.

“What happened?” I offered her the bunch of napkins.

I couldn’t get involved with her or drag her down with me into this never-ending divorce, but that didn’t mean I had to be an asshole. Five minutes, I could give her five minutes of my time.

“It doesn’t matter.” The unshed tears made her eyes look like a perfectly-brewed espresso. She reached for the napkins, keeping her gaze on my fingers, as if she were afraid I’d yank the napkins away. “I’ll find another one.”

The fake bravado tugged at something in my chest. I understood the desolation I found in her expression well. But as much as I wanted to help her, I wouldn’t know how. She’d be better off calling her mom back.

Tears rolled down her face again. When she tipped her head down to hide them, she disarmed me. A few drops had fallen on her flower skirt. Please don’t cry, I wanted to say, but instead, I glanced toward the door.

“I have to go.” She tore the page off her notebook and folded it.

The creases on the paper were even and neat. You could tell a lot about a person by how they handled their personal effects. Everything about her was tidy and organized. She was driven.

She rose to her feet and then stuffed her list in one of the outer pockets. “It was nice meeting you, Derek.”

“Please call me Cole.” I jerked to my feet, then winced.

I shouldn’t have said that. We weren’t friends. We couldn’t be. A year ago, maybe. But now I would just hurt her. And she obviously didn’t deserve that. I rubbed my jaw, tapping my fingers on my lips. Valentina spun and headed for the door.

My pulse raced, and something heavy settled in my stomach. She was leaving. If she lost her home, who knew when she’d be back at Cafe Triste? And I needed her here. I needed her to break up the days, to give me a reason to get up in the morning and leave the house. But she didn’t know that. To her, I was a stranger. We were strangers. She didn’t owe me shit, and vice versa. I pinched the bridge of my nose.

Let her go.

Biting my lip, I rubbed the back of my neck. “I have a rental you might be interested in,” I blurted out.

She spun around, frowning, mouth slightly opened.

Author Bio:

Diana A. Hicks is an award-winning author of steamy romantic suspense and science-fiction romance.

When Diana is not writing, she enjoys hot yoga, kickboxing, traveling, and indulging in the simple joys of life like wine and chocolate. She lives in Atlanta and loves spending time with her two children and husband. Connect with Diana on social media to stay up to date on her latest releases.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook Page / Facebook Group / Twitter / Instagram / TikTok / Amazon / Bookbub


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Book Blitz: Acing the Game by Carey PW

Acing the Game
Carey PW
Publication date: February 10th 2023
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, LGBTQ+, Romance
Is food really the way into a person’s heart?

Shep Lee thought he had it all. A successful restaurant, a loving husband who understood his asexuality, and most of all, the ability to be himself, a popular chef in the small town of Cloverleaf, Montana. That is, until his husband, Elmer Eshler, began pushing Shep more on sex.

Elmer doesn’t understand why he can’t turn his partner on—aren’t they perfect for each other? And Shep loves him, right? Shep, meanwhile, while confident with his body, is and forever will be sex indifferent. Why has Elmer suddenly changed his tune? But he doesn’t want to lose the man he loves so much. What can they do?

Shep convinces Elmer to try a polyamorous relationship. Elmer gets to have Shep and the sex life he’s always wanted. Shep gets a cooking buddy and a chance to experience a relationship and even try sex with a woman as his authentic gender. At first, Shep isn’t sure, but finds himself coming around—this feels safer than opening up the relationship. All three of them will be romantically involved, so that should ease any jealousy, right?

But when Willow Saint, a free-spirited, boisterous, and saucy young woman, comes into their lives, neither are prepared for the emotional and sexual rollercoaster that follows. Enthralled by Willow’s charm and kindness, Elmer and Shep struggle to understand what this means for their own bond. Can they become one happy family? Or will this ruin everything?

Goodreads / Amazon


“Can I tell you something? Please don’t tell anyone else?”

He nodded.

“I don’t like—well, sex is complicated for me,” I informed him. “Don’t take this the wrong way, but I don’t want to have sex with other people. I’ve done it, and everything works fine, but I don’t get urges to do it with others.” I cringed at how strange it all sounded.

At that time, I’d no concept of asexuality. I knew that I didn’t experience sexual attraction, and I didn’t enjoy sex with people. Orgasms felt great. Yet, it was more natural to masturbate or maybe have someone give me a hand job. The kissing, the touching, and the intercourse part sometimes made me grimace. It wasn’t my thing.

I scoured his face, seeing his brows bent in deep thought—or confusion. I held my breath as I waited for him to say something.

“Are you not attracted to men?” he inquired.

I smirked a little. I got this same question every time I tried to talk to anyone about my sexuality. “I’m not gay. I mean, I’m bisexual in the sense that I’m willing to have sex with men or women. But this isn’t about me not being attracted to men. I prefer not to do it with another person.” I started cracking my knuckles. After Tank shared that he had a physical impairment, I figured he’d accept it and move on.

“So are you not into relationships?” he asked. His eyes darted all over as he gazed at me.

“Yes!” I exclaimed. “I very much want a relationship. Sex is part of that for many people. It isn’t the whole thing. I’d be extremely interested in having a relationship with you.” I smiled, offering him my hand.

He wrapped his fingers around mine and pulled his body closer to me.

“Does that mean that we can’t have sex in other ways? Like other than intercourse?” he asked, slowly caressing my palm.

I placed my head on his shoulder. “I think we can work out anything we want to. Something that works for both of us.”

He glanced away. “You’re not attracted to me then,” he stated somberly.

I pulled his face up and kissed him. His body shivered against mine. He slid his arm around me, squeezing me tight.

“I’m very much attracted to you as a person,” I whispered in his ear. “That’s what’s important. I find you pleasing to look at. It’s just not sexual.”

“I guess you won’t be cheating on me, then,” he joked and gave a little chuckle.

His face still looked confused, but we changed the subject and passed out on my couch, snuggling under a blanket. There would be many conversations, but from that moment on, Tank accepted me. About a year later, we got married.

Author Bio:

Carey PW (he/they) is an author, college instructor, and mental health counselor.

Carey currently lives in Montana, and identifies as nonbinary, transmasculine (AFAB) and panromantic asexual. Carey has discovered that writing about his lived experiences is a therapeutic outlet for him and hopes that his readers relate to his own personal struggles and triumphs shared through his characters’ narratives. He has also worked as a high school and college writing instructor, earning a B.A. in English Literature, a M.Ed. in English Education, and Ph.D. in Social Foundations of Education all from the University of Georgia. In 2020, Carey earned his second M.Ed. in Counselor Education and works as a licensed clinical professional counselor, LCPC.

Readers can learn more about Carey from his blog, When he is not writing, Carey is busy training for marathons, parenting his six cats, sharing his culinary talents on social media, and serving on the board for the nonprofit Center for Studies of the Person (CSP).

Carey PW loves to hear from readers. You can find his contact information, website and author biography at

Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / TikTok


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Book Blitz: Lipstick Diaries by Tiye

Lipstick Diaries: Chemical Reaction
Publication date: February 17th 2023
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance


Chemical Reaction: Second Chance Romance

Five years ago, Simone Austin walked away from Chris Alexander, the possible love of her life. Their mad chemistry still haunts her, and no other man has been able to live up to the man she left behind. Tired of being single, Simone, two of her cousins, and her best friend make a pact. They vow to be sexually fierce, completely open, and purposeful in getting what they each want from men.

Even second chances.
After a thirst-trapping pic of Simone is posted on IG, she receives plenty of male attention, including a private message from Chris. Simone can feel the heat through his words and decides to reconnect. Soon old insecurities seep in, and Simone questions if she’s too afraid to get burned again to take another risk on Chris.

**This is a follow-up to Chemistry and the beginning of Lipstick Diaries**

Goodreads / Amazon


“What do you want?”

“I don’t know,” I answered quickly.

Chris sighed. “You know what you want. Still the same frustrating Simone. Too afraid to live. To enjoy the here and now. It’s a Friday afternoon, and I’m here for the weekend. Can we be real for once?”

Incensed at his bite, I hit back. “Really? From what I remember, I was always real. You were the one pretending.” I pushed my chair back. “If I’m so frustrating, you can take your tired ass back to New York. Sorry for wasting your time.”

He quickly put his hands up. “Simone, calm down. Please. Sorry. Guess I’ve been wishing so long to talk to you, I’m about to blow it because I am demanding and determined when I want something.” Chris admitted sheepishly, “Might even be a little aggressive when it comes to wanting you.”

I ducked my head slightly to hide my blush at his honest admission about still wanting me. “Let’s not forget impatient.”

“Oh no, that’s you.” He pointed with his fantastic smile, softening his retort. “I would’ve waited forever to be with you.”

Not quite able to meet his eyes, I replied quietly, “Sometimes I wonder if we confused lust for love. Everything escalated so fast for us.”

“Never for me. I wanted you since that first day of class. I’ve been with women, been in love a time or two, even had a wife, but you affect me like no one ever has.” He placed his hands under the table but not before I caught the trembling.

“Affect? Not affected? Not past tense?” I shook my head and moved my cup to the side. “After all these years, you can’t possibly still feel the same?”

He searched my face earnestly. “Why is that hard for you to believe? You wouldn’t have asked to see me if you didn’t feel something for me. Like you said, it’s been years.”

“Do you have a girlfriend?”

Chris grinned. “I plan to after this weekend.”

I wagged my finger. “You’re not going to get me caught up anymore.”

“Then why am I here?”

Thinking of the Lipstick Diaries and what they would tell me to do, I inhaled deeply and glanced around the half-empty coffee shop. I knew exactly what I wanted when I noticed he liked my pic.

“Why am I here, Simone?” His brow furrowed deeply. “Did you ask me here to tell me you’re getting married or some crazy shit? If that’s the reason, you didn’t have to bother. Figured that would happen for you sooner or later since that’s all that seems to fucking matter to you.”

“Who’s the one still mad, now?” I leaned closer, his anger making me even hotter for him. “I want you one last time. This weekend. You and me. Nothing but sex.”


Author Bio:

I recalled reading romance ever since I was a young child and would sneak and read the Western love stories my grandmother kept on her bedside table. Although I didn’t understand half of the words I read at the time, something about those books captured my attention. As I grew older, my love of romance expanded to other genres, and I became a fan of anything remotely related to reading and books, such as libraries, bookstores, and the coffee shop around the corner. I love to travel and have lived in several cities, including New Orleans, Washington D.C., and Houston, and continue to find inspiration for my stories from every place I’ve had the fortune to visit or inhabit.

I want my readers to escape their realities and embark on a journey of self-exploration and love when they delve into my books. I’ve loved reading fiction, thrillers, and romance for years. Although my original (and still) writing interest was YA and self-help books, I received a surprise text one Valentine’s Day, and wrote the very first chapter of a romance novel that day. And I became forever inspired to write spicy love stories – with a twist.

Please take a ride with me, Tiye Love, and hold on to your hearts! I invite you to check out my website and join my newsletter at

Website / Bookbub / Instagram / TikTok


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Cover Reveal: Delta by Sybil Bartel

Sybil Bartel
(The Alpha Elite, #8)
Publication date: September 5th 2023
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance, Suspense




I had one job on the Teams. Predict the unpredictable. See what no one else saw. Analyze, assess, anticipate. Then execute with deadly force.

Calculating the enemy’s moves, including the ones they hadn’t thought of yet was my specialty. I did it for the Navy and now I was private sector, utilizing my skills at Alpha Elite Security. I had a hundred percent mission success rate…until her.

Make no mistake, I saw the blonde coming. I predicted her every move. But this time, I wasn’t going to stop it. I was going to do something much worse.

Code name: Delta.
Mission: Dominate.

DELTA is a standalone book in the exciting Alpha Elite Series by USA Today Bestselling author, Sybil Bartel. Come meet Delta and the dominant, alpha heroes who work for AES!

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Author Bio:

Sybil Bartel is a USA Today Bestselling author of unapologetic alpha heroes. Whether you’re reading her deliciously dominant mercenaries, bodyguards or military heroes, all of her heart-stopping, page-turning romantic suspense novels have sexy-as-sin alpha heroes!

Sybil resides in South Florida and she is forever Oliver’s mom.

Website / Facebook Page / Facebook Group / Twitter / Instagram / Bookbub / Newsletter


Cover Reveal: Secretly by Talya Blaine

Talya Blaine
(Transformation Series, #2)
Publication date: February 28th 2023
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

Unquenchable chemistry. The rare gift of a second chance. Choices that could destroy it all.

Quinn and Jonathan’s erotic journey continues as sizzling tension tests their “friends for now” pact.

After a desperate call interrupts a failed platonic dinner—and a water main break renders Quinn homeless—she’s left with little choice: Take Jonathan up on his just-friends-no-benefits offer to share his apartment.

But getting closer? A romantic relationship? Not an option. Even after that one impulsive and magical but heartbreaking kiss.

Damn, that kiss. It tells Jonathan all he needs to know about Quinn’s feelings and only deepens his desire to build a life with her. Until her defensive walls throw him back into reality. The reality in which his sweet gig as Spice of Life’s travel show host is on the line. The reality in which he can’t fully accept Quinn’s involvement at Octavia’s dungeon. The reality in which the woman he adores is still grieving—and not ready to hear the three words he needs to say.

The second novel in the Transformation Series, Secretly turns up the heat: A secret trip to a Parisian chateau dungeon, a last-minute wedding to plan, a bold, perhaps impulsive, career decision. Quinn and Jonathan each make choices that alter the course of their lives. Can they forge a shared future?

A story about discovery and desire, friendship and boundaries, freedom and risk. About the delicate balance between intimacy and autonomy. About the struggle to love again and how we choose to live the second chapter of our lives.

Friends to lovers, slow burn, second chance, fish out of water—readers will click with the themes in this edgy contemporary erotic romance. Features characters over 40 and a sexy beta hero. Mature themes, strong language, kink, dungeon and steamy open-door bedroom scenes.

Goodreads / Amazon / Barnes & Noble / iBooks / Kobo


Author Bio:

Talya Blaine writes later-in-life contemporary romance that’s emotionally intense and thought-provoking, spicy and sweet. She writes “older” characters (40+), sexy beta heroes, and explores how relationships of all types change over time. Silently (Transformation Series Book 1) is her debut romance, with Secretly (Book 2) and Entirely (Book 3) completed and releasing soon.

Website / Goodreads / Bookbub