Book Blitz: It Fells Like Home by Ali Lucia Sky

It Feels Like Home
Ali Lucia Sky
Publication date: July 5th 2023
Genres: Romance, Young Adult

Jacelyn Waverly might need a twelve-step program for jerks.

One jerk, in particular, Ky Linley, because even two years apart hasn’t stopped the butterflies from taking flight in her stomach when he’s around.

After humiliating her in her freshman year and starting rumors that dogged her reputation, Ky shouldn’t get a second chance. Still, she’s returned home older and wiser, and everyone seems different now. But with an angry sister, an overworked mom, a father on the opposite side of the country, and a best friend who is just starting to fall in love for the first time, it all seems like a lot.

But sometimes, growing up feels like coming home.

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“Hey, baby?” My mom shook my shoulder, and I jumped and her iPad thumped to the carpeted floor. I rubbed my eyes. “Jacie, I told you not to worry about getting a job. We’re fine. You’re exhausted, and you only just got home. We can make it on my paycheck. I appreciate it, but you don’t have to do this.”

“I’m not exhausted, I’m a little tired because I got up to talk to Mare this morning. I made her breakfast too–crap, I left dishes everywhere. Sorry mom.” I facepalm. Here I was trying to make her life easier, and I made chores for her.

She laughed. “This is your first summer since you left and aren’t doing homework. You should enjoy it. You are done taking care of your dad, you don’t have to take care of us. Your job is to go out and screw up, make me worry, come home late from partying and make questionable choices,” she joked.

“You want two Marises?” I smiled.

“I worry. I don’t want you to feel you have to work in an Italian Restaurant, feed your family, and take care of your older sister. I’m the mom. It’s okay to be irresponsible. You deserve it. You’ve been very disciplined since you left.” I sighed and nodded. Oddly, I responded to that by getting up and going and making my mom a coffee. She liked the instant type, with so much sugar it would give an elephant cavities, and enough milk to turn it white.

“What are you doing, hon?” she asked, watching me.

“We’re having a grown up conversation, and you sound a little unbalanced, I’m getting you coffee,” I teased. I stirred the creamer and brought it to the table and sat it down so she’d get the idea that she should relax. “I want to work. It’s boring doing nothing. Plus, I have plenty of time to get up to trouble that will give you graying hair. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to get pregnant, and I can always get someone to buy me alcohol to start an early drinking problem. If something like that would make you happy, I can try either option for you,” I say facetiously.

“I would prefer irresponsible drinking without the long term habit. I’m not ready to be a grandmother. Although, I have no doubt, if it happened, you’d step up and handle it better than I did when it happened, and I was an adult when I had Maris. You’re just so put together. I wish you were selfish like your father and Mare. At least I can count on her being useless to me all summer. And I have no use for your dad at all. You’re my golden child, Jacelyn.”

“I’ll find a bad crowd and start making friends with questionable characters immediately just for you, mom,” I teased. “Maybe find a guy with a one word name… Rancid? He will ride a motorcycle and not wash.” I moved to the fridge and pulled out the sweet tea I made and poured a tall glass and took a long drink before pouring more and continued. “I’ll shave my head into a mohawk, dye it green and put a hole through my cheek.”

My mother smiled broadly, liking this game. “See? Now we’re talking. You’ll have your thing, and Mare will have avoiding reality and things at home, and driving badly. I’m sad now that I didn’t have a son to sneak around with a girl from the wrong side of the tracks, but you and Rancid should have that covered.”

I moved to the table and sat on one leg folded beneath me and pointed at her. “You have Peter, and he is dating a boy who is on the wrong side of the closet door.”

She waved her head and lifted her cup for a sip, “He’s just one of my girls. I guess I can consider him the daughter sneaking around though.”

I loved my mom. She was just one of those people who tried to find the humor in everything. We often had conversations that were ridiculous like this. She told me that her favorite thing was to hear us laugh, and her second favorite thing was to have something to laugh about. The way her mind worked always made me feel better, lighter. My mom put me at ease about serious things.

I know Maris took her for granted, but having spent two years with my dad, I appreciated her in a way I never would have had I stayed here. The time apart gave us both a different view of one another.

She wasn’t just my mom, she was one of my best friends.

“I’ve heard everything you said. I want you to know I like working. I don’t like having all this spare time to sit and kill. It’s boring. I also like the people I work with. It’s healthy, and next week when I get paid, I’d like to take over buying some of the groceries, at least my own.” I held up my hand when she looked like she was going to argue. “I know you can afford it, but I’m going to have to start affording my own things this fall. I’m going to put the rest away for college.”

“Jesus, Jacelyn, you’re killing me!” my mom moaned. “Very well. So independent. What are your hours?”

“I’m part-time until I get my car, and then I’ll be full-time,” I replied.

She nodded. “How are you getting to work in the time being? I feel awful that I never got a second car now.”

I saw the lines on her face and reached across the table and tapped the surface. “We are fine. A guy from work is getting me to and from work. Ricky put us on the same shifts so there wouldn’t be any conflicts. I–” I sighed. “Peter stranded me for a date the other night.”

She made a face and nodded in a way that said it’s to be expected. “It’s good you have a reliable ride then. Do I need to worry that he’s some thirty-year old pedofile? Or worse a twenty something hottie who sells sex to uptight, responsible types?”

I laugh. “Closer on number two, but no cigar. It’s Ky Linley. Maris has already had a fit, so you can relax. He’s a teenage heartbreaker, who I remember well enough, makes fools of young girls. I know his flirting doesn’t mean he likes me.”

“Jacelyn,” my mom’s tone is one of understanding. “Just so you know, boys grow up. It’s not all G.I. Joe’s and girls’ panties forever. Don’t discount him just because of something he did when he was a kid. He could surprise you.”


Author Bio:

Ali Lucia Sky is the author of The Powers That Be series. She lives in Southern California with her husband and a house full of kitty cats and a yard full of crows.

She loves laughing, drinking good coffee, vegan food, and supporting animal rescues.

When she isn’t writing or dreaming of new stories, she can be found planning her next vacation because traveling is life.

If you encounter her in the wild, don’t be offended if she should run away. She’s timid with strangers, but can be plied with shiny things and pictures of your cat or dog.

She’s a weirdo like that.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / TikTok / Pinterest


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Cover Reveal: Wicked Desires by Nancy Brown

Wicked Desires
Nancy Brown
(Wicked Series, #2)
Publication date: August 8th 2023
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
He’s a rock star in need of a girlfriend. She’s an attorney in need of a husband. What could possibly go wrong?

Victoria Davison has had her heart shattered. She’s has sworn off men forever, a plan that has worked stunningly well until about five minutes ago, when she found out she needs to be married before her thirty-second birthday if she wants access to the one hundred-million-dollar trust fund her grandfather set up for her.

Grayson Pierce is the devastatingly seductive, illegally gorgeous front man for Ruin. He’s the hedonistic saint of sin, wrapped in leather, whiskey, and fame… He’s living the dream until his record company tells him he needs to clean up his image or he’s done.

Their worlds collide. Electricity sizzles in the air between them. Tori tells herself she’s immune to his lethal charms when she walks away.

Love maker.

Unable to get her out of his head, Grayson makes Tori a tantalizing offer: act as his girlfriend for six months while he promotes his new album. This could be the solution she has been looking for. Tori counters with a proposal of her own.

A contract is signed.

This is for convenience only…with a time stamped expiry date.

Love is strictly out of bounds.

But when music’s crown prince of mayhem touches her, sparks fly.

Tori’s not about to trust her heart to rock’s most legendary lover. Her body, though? Maybe.

As it turns out, pretending to fall in love is incredibly sexy…

And falling in love for real, with a man she promised not to fall for?


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Author Bio:

Nancy Carolyn Brown is an author of contemporary romance, fond of writing love stories about hunky badass men endowed with massive hearts, and strong heroines with just the right mix of sweet and sass… flaming hot chemistry and thrilling nail biting suspense is always guaranteed!

She loves cosmos and chocolate and a swoony good book with a strong storyline.

She lives in sunny southern Alberta, Canada with her high school sweetheart husband and naughty Bengal cat. When she isn’t writing, she enjoys the simple things in life like spending time with family and friends, reading and running with her favorite playlist blasting in her ears.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Instagram


Cover Reveal: Hott Shot by Serena Bell

Hott Shot
Serena Bell
Publication date: September 19th 2023
Genres: Adult, Comedy, Contemporary, Romance
Beauty salon… and the Beast

Quinn: Working at the family wedding resort wasn’t exactly on my Bingo card. But it’s the only way for my siblings and me to get our grandfather’s inheritance, so here I am, staffing the Hott Spot Spa and Salon front desk. It’s an absurd gig for a man who makes Oscar the Grouch look like a people-person.

Still, I’m a hard worker. I’ve made a fortune off my scientific discoveries, and if I can engineer groundbreaking drugs, I can do anything, right? Not according to Sonya Rossi, the spa’s smoking hot and relentlessly perky manager. My grumpy approach is testing even sunshine-y Sonya’s patience. Meanwhile, I’m not sure whether I want to rain on her parade—or kiss the smile off her face.

Then the universe throws another curveball, putting us under the same roof. The closer Sonya gets, the more I like it—and her. I want to get to know her better and let her see the side of me I never show people. Until now, I’ve only believed in what I can touch, sense, and prove. I definitely don’t believe in love… but Sonya’s making me wish I could.

A spicy, grumpy-sunshine, opposites attract, under-one-roof, forced proximity standalone romantic comedy set in the beloved small town of Rush Creek.

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Author Bio:

USA Today bestselling author Serena Bell writes contemporary romance with heat, heart, and humor. A former journalist, Serena has always believed that everyone has an amazing story to tell if you listen carefully, and you can often find her scribbling in her tiny garret office, mainlining chocolate and bringing to life the tales in her head.

Serena’s books have earned many honors, including an RT Reviewers’ Choice Award, Apple Books Best Book of the Month, and Amazon Best Book of the Year for Romance.

When not writing, Serena loves to spend time with her college-sweetheart husband and two hilarious kiddos—all of whom are incredibly tolerant not just of Serena’s imaginary friends but also of how often she changes her hobbies and how passionately she embraces the new ones. These days, it’s stand-up paddle boarding, board-gaming, meditation, and long walks with good friends.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook Page / Facebook Group / Instagram / Twitter / Newsletter


Book Blitz: Smooth Hoperator by Sylvie Stewart

Smooth Hoperator
Sylvie Stewart
(Love on Tap, #2)
Publication date: July 6th 2023
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance


After tanking my career in politics, I’m looking for new direction. But my GPS must be broken because it keeps leading me to a kooky librarian’s front steps.

It’s not easy, but I’m doing my best to let go of my old ambitions and embrace the simple life of slinging beer at my family’s brewery. But some powerful players from my past are determined to cause problems for me and my family.

When a chatty local librarian with the wardrobe of a third grader and the optimism of Spongebob begins sticking her nose into my business, I want to tell her to get lost. As fate would have it, though, Sunny and her ill-tempered grandfather are my only remaining option to get free of my past for good.

It will take some convincing to get this goofy, goat-loving librarian on board with my risky plan. But if she’ll do things my way, I’ll return the favor by playing her fake boyfriend to make her true love finally take notice and fall head over heels.

But the deeper we get into this venture, the more I realize there’s nothing fake about Sunny at all. Including the way I’m beginning to feel about her.

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My first indication that I’m not in the attic at home is the mattress spring digging into my back. The second is the warm hand on my junk that doesn’t belong to me. I may have just awoken this second, but my dick has beaten me to it by several minutes, at least.

When I blink my eyes open, sunlight filters through the closed curtains of the motel room, allowing enough illumination for me to make out the body of my bedmate—the very same one whose hand has wandered during the night. Sunny’s hair is splayed over my shoulder, and she’s using my chest as a pillow.

My dick jumps because that’s what dicks do when they’re being felt up. It clearly remembers last night as well as I do. But instead of causing Sunny to withdraw her hand, the movement only appears to encourage her. She burrows her face into my chest and throws a bare leg over my thigh. In other words, she’s trying to kill me.

I’d love nothing more than to roll her onto her back and explore all the skin and curves I didn’t get to last night, but after her confession and that panicked exit, I can’t touch her until we talk. And I doubt she’ll be happy if she wakes up like this.

I try carefully sliding to the side so I can stand, but as soon as I start moving, she grabs onto me like a spider monkey and pulls me closer, using my dick as leverage. I bite down on my cheek to keep from howling.

“No,” she says, her tone scolding.

Here we go again with the sleep talking.

This time, I gently pry her hand from my junk, one finger at a time until I’m gripping her hand just above it. So, of course, that’s the moment she awakens.

I witness as each synapse fires and she comes fully awake to find me holding her hand over my obviously aroused dick. Thank God I’m still dressed at least.

“What are you doing?” She jerks her hand out of my grip.

“Nothing, I swear.”

She lifts her head from my chest and retreats until she’s back on her side of the bed. “It didn’t look like nothing.”

This is ridiculous. I was trying to be sensitive to her emotions, but she can’t honestly think… I throw my hands up in exasperation. “Look, I just woke up, and you were holding my junk and using me as a pillow. That’s all I know.”

She eyes me skeptically. “What happened to the covers?”

We both inspect the bedding and while my side of the bed is as tucked and neat as it was when I first lay on it last night, hers is a mess of twisted sheets and blankets, both pillows buried somewhere within.

“I have no idea.”

She glances around for a few more seconds and then untangles herself. “Oh. I guess I must have moved around a little in my sleep.”

“A little?”

Unfortunately, I still have the issue of the tent in my pants, and now that Sunny is fully awake, she is not shy about looking, which does nothing to help the problem.

“Did I…?” She trails off, pointing at it now. Jesus.

“While it does usually make its presence known first thing in the morning, it’s never this… cheerful.”

She tries and fails to hide her self-satisfied grin. “Sorry about that.”

“No need to apologize. I think I’ll survive.” My tone is as dry as my mouth is.


Author Bio:

USA Today bestselling author Sylvie Stewart loves bad jokes, dirty rom-coms, country music, and baby skunks—preferably all at the same time. Most of her steamy contemporary and romantic comedy novels take place across her favorite state of North Carolina, and her characters never run out of snarky banter or snacks. When her laptop closes, Sylvie is a sucker for hugs from her twin boys and a good laugh with her hot-nerd hubby. If you love smart Southern gals, hot blue-collar guys, and snort-laughing with characters who feel like your best friends, Sylvie’s your gal.

Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Pinterest / Amazon / Bookbub / Book+Main / Newsletter


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Book Blitz: Overruling Judgment by Liz Ellyn

Overruling Judgment
Liz Ellyn
Publication date: July 7th 2023
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Erotica, Romance

Ian refuses to allow an explosive night of passion to derail his desire to make partner at the law firm. But, her tempting presence in the office, along with her alluring scent, mocks his resolve.

JD’s the hot art teacher with the body and stamina of a former professional hockey player. He’s a creative master, in and out of the bedroom, who captures the affection of the brilliant young attorney, but he second-guesses if he’s enough for her.

Sasha won’t settle for less in her career or love life. It’s all or nothing. After a twist of fate and a proclamation of love, Sasha escapes choosing between Ian and JD. The alternative is far more arousing.

With careers in flux and hearts on the line, how will they all find the fortitude to come out on top?

Goodreads / Amazon / Barnes & Noble / Kobo


Ian started talking. Of course, he initiated control of the conversation just like he dominated legal negotiations. “We understand that you aren’t inclined to choose either one of us. We aren’t pressing you to do that now.” The tenderness in Ian’s voice and the concern in JD’s eyes alarmed her.

Sasha’s chin began to quiver as a feeling of doom swept through her. Tears welled up in her eyes. “Are you both here for closure’s sake?”

“Fuck no!” JD swore, clasping her hand more securely. “I have no desire to end things with you.”

A tear slid down her cheek. Sasha started biting her lip. Did JD think she was going to choose him over Ian? Her head started to spin. Nausea brewed in her belly.

Ian leaned in closer. “Neither of us wants to end things with you. Well, I suppose our case is a little different.” Ian extended an open hand. Her free hand itched to reach out and accept Ian’s offer. Uncertainty made her hesitate.

“I’m totally confused.” Sasha looked back and forth between the two. Neither of their faces gave her a clue. What were they suggesting?


Author Bio:


Liz Ellyn nourishes people’s cravings for the irresistible. Like the decadent desserts she delivers, she creates alluring characters deserving of happy endings.

With degrees in both engineering and law, she argues that the positive energy gained by indulging in one’s guilty pleasure appropriately counterbalances the serious forces of daily life.

When she isn’t writing or devouring steamy romance books, she spoils her family, including her two dogs, Boomer and Tanner.

Bon Appetite and Happy Reading!

Website / Goodreads / Twitter / Instagram / TikTok


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Book Blitz: Wonder Land by Alexis Rey

Wonder Land
Alexis Rey
Publication date: July 1st 2023
Genres: Adult, Romance


She was told she’ll be called Alice. She was told he will meet her there. She wasn’t told much else, but she knows it will be a singular experience she won’t soon forget.

Wonderland. Where she will discover things about herself she both always knew and didn’t believe existed.

Except it doesn’t turn out to be a singular experience, as the call of Wonderland lures Alice back again and again, and her mysterious stranger shows her more and more hidden recesses of her fantasy self. Every time she sees him, he ups the ante and wants more of her, while keeping himself shrouded in mystery.

But soon, lines between fantasy and reality, home and Wonderland, begin to get blurred as two very real vulnerable people find themselves entrenched in each other more than they think they should be.

How far will Alice and her Dom go to prove themselves to each other?”

**Wonder Land is a box set of chronological novellas**

Goodreads / Amazon


Author Bio:

As a spice reader and a spice lover, Alexis long ago decided the real world wasn’t worth the stress. She would prefer to live in a more exciting, spicier place. Hence, she became a writer and travels to various spicy worlds every day.

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Book Blitz: Wasted on You by Colleen Charles

Wasted On You
Colleen Charles
Publication date: June 30th 2023
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

I’m not good for her, but I can’t resist her anymore.

Elowyn, the new girl next door, is sweet, kind and radiates joy. My past makes it impossible to feel like that, but just being near her eases something in me that I can’t explain. When I see a strange man outside of her door making her uncomfortable, I have to get involved.

Turns out, her ex is there to make trouble, and if that’s what he wants, I’m more than happy to give it to him. As I wrap my arm around her, I feel a connection that’s undeniable.

As Elowyn leans on me, I realize that the shadows of my past can’t hold me back any longer. She ignites a fire within me that I never knew existed. We’re drawn together, like magnets, unable to resist the pull.

But with her ex still lurking around making threats, she’ll never truly feel safe. I vow to protect her, to be there whenever she needs me. For Elowyn, I’ll face my darkest fears to see her light shine again.


Dive into this sizzling romance where a man with a troubled past finds love and redemption through the love of the woman who’s captured his heart. Will they be able to overcome the obstacles in their way, or will their love story end before it can truly begin? Discover the passion, the danger, and the healing power of love in “Wasted On You” by USA Today Bestselling Author, Colleen Charles.

Goodreads / Amazon


Author Bio:

USA Today Bestselling Author, Colleen Charles, invites you to come along for the ride as she brings her snarky, woo-woo, and ‘a little bit extra’ personality to the world of steamy romance. A go-to author for hot hockey action with dirty-talking, cinnamon roll heroes, and smart, capable, independent heroines, Colleen’s writing will leave you laughing, emotional, and hungry for more.

When she’s not penning tales readers devour, she indulges in the Starbie’s pinkity drinkity with chocolate cold foam, wrangles her crabby Ragdoll cats, and douses her salads with blue cheese dressing and bacon bits. I mean… she’s firmly anti-diet culture, and everything’s better with bacon. With her unique mix of humor, heart and heat, Colleen Charles is the romance author you never knew you needed until now. She’s not your basic bitch. Okay… maybe just a tiny bit basic. At least during pumpkin spice season.

Colleen creates perfectly imperfect characters you’ll root for until the very last page.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Instagram / Newsletter / TikTok


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