Alexis and the Sacramento Surprise (Camp Club Girls) Review

AUTHOR: Erica Rodgers
PUB DATE: March 2010
PAGES: 159
PUBLISHER: Barbour Books

If dinosaurs are extinct, then why do they seem to come to
life each night? When Alexis’ friend, Miss Maria, tries to save her
business by importing mechanical dinosaurs to her nature park, Alexis and Kate
are instantly on the spot to show their support. But the Camp Club girls are
soon embroiled in surprises when they soon have to not only deal with mechanical
dinosaurs appearing to have minds of their own, but also the local media, which
also seems determined to destroy Miss Maria. Can the girls crack the case and
keep Miss Maria’s dreams—and business—alive?


This is the fourth book in the Camp Club Girls series.

This is a series of middle grade books that I am really enjoying. I think they would make the perfect gift for middle grade girls who like a little bit of mystery without being scary. They are sort of like Nancy Drew books. Although I have to admit that I never really read alot of Nancy Drew books when I was younger as they never really interested me.

Alexis lives not very far from her friend, Miss Maria’s nature park called Aspen Heights Conservation Park. The nature park is getting set to close when funding is being denied to the park.

When Miss Maria comes up with the idea to bring in prehistoric dinosaurs (animatrons) to bring in some business it all seems like a good idea until it appears as though certain dinosaurs are moving around in the night.

Thankfully Kate is coming to visit with Alexis and she brings Kate to see the park. As the girls are walking around looking at the dinosaurs, nothing is out of the ordinary for them until they go back to the visitor center to talk to Miss Maria. When a local biology professor mentions that he loves the foot prints and that he loved where the raptor was placed. Maria looks concerned and admits to the girls that she didn’t move the raptor or make the foot prints. Maria goes off to check it out.

Before long everyone hears a scream. They all go running to Maria and find her flat on her back in the mud. She had climbed on top of the triceratops to get a better look at the foot prints.

With Maria starting to feel a little better she asks the girls to help find out who is moving the dinosaurs. The girls try various things such as setting up cameras, looking around and even camping out. The raptor keeps moving around the park. Can the dinosaur really come to life at night? Is someone moving it?

There never seems to any leads or evidence that a human is involved until the person starts to get a little sloppy and leaves clues. The girls are pretty sure they know who is involved but the person keeps denying it. Is he/she really involved or is it just coincidence? What will the girls think when they find out who is really behind it?

I am anxiously awaiting Kate’s Philadelphia Frenzy – Camp Club Girls #5 and Bailey’s Peoria Problem – Camp Club Girls #6 to come out May 1, 2010.

Special thanks to Angie Brillhart of Barbour Publishing, Inc. for sending me a review copy and for First Wild Card Tours for allowing me to be a part of this tour.

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Magna Review (Scenarios 3)

TITLE: Magna Scenarios 3
AUTHOR: Nicole O’Dell
PUB DATE: April 2010
PUBLISHER: Barbour Books
PAGES: 192

Molly Jacobs isn’t sure what she should do: Should she follow
through with stealing some clothes for her friends from Magna—the trendy girls’
clothing store where she works? Or should she do what she knows is right, even
if it means losing her new found popularity? Girls ages 10 to 15 make
the choice in this interactive story and see how the consequences change Molly’s
life. Includes a contract and prayer to remind the reader of the importance of
making godly decisions.

This is the third book in the scenarios series.

Molly is your typical teenager in high school. She is with her friends (Sara and Jess) complaining about clothes and how they all look Junior high-ish. They girls decide that they should all get jobs since they are old enough to get work permits (if their parents sign the forms). They quickly work on a list of where they could work, they decide on a clothing store because not only would they get paid but they would get a discount.

With the okay to work the girls know just where they want to apply, Magna. They all get a call for an interview but only Molly gets hired.

Molly quickly realizes she has a knack for fashion and putting together great looks. This impresses Donna, the manager. Molly has the knack for thinking of the customers need but yet has the knack for adding on to the sale. This is a great quality management likes and can bring you up in a job.

Being in a higher position brings on additional responsibility and friends she didn’t know she had such as the popular girls in the school when they realize where she works. When her friends and her so called friends ask for favors, will Molly help them out or will she say no?

Molly is your typical teenager she wants the friends, to fit in and to have it all but with that there comes a price, will this cost her everything?

I really enjoyed this book. Funny enough I was thinking as a teen and knew shew would make the wrong choice but happy that she came clean in the end. I am sure most teens wouldn’t. I think most teens don’t realize that there are consequences to your actions when you make the wrong choice.

I asked the neighborhood girls what they would do and the majority said they wouldn’t bow to the peer pressure and stand their ground because they said eventually you would get caught and the guilt would eat away at you. So I guess some teen girls would do the right thing.

To find out more you can check out this site:

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Making Waves (Scenarios 4) Review

TITLE: Making Waves Book 4 in the Scenarios Series
AUTHOR: Nicole O’Dell
PUB DATE: April 2010
PUBLISHER: Barbour Books
PAGES: 192

Thanks to Angie from Barbour Books for sending this to me to read & review and a special thank you to Nicole for contacting me asking if I would review her books.

Please note that the book cover was taken from Barbour Books website and the book description came from

Kate Walker joins the swim team and becomes obsessed with
practice and making it through the championships with flying colors. What will
Kate do when she s faced with pressure from her teammates to take an illegal
substance that will help her swim multiple events in their championship meet?
Girls ages 10 to 15 make the choice in this interactive story and see how the
consequences of the alternate endings change Kate’s life. Includes a contract
and prayer to remind the reader of the importance of making godly decisions.

After reading these books I always walk away with “Gee I wish I had this kind of book when I was a teen.”

I actually met Nicole on twitter last year and she asked me right away if I would be interested in being part of her virtual book tour for Truth or Dare and All That Glitters. So earlier this year when she contacted me again about reviewing her next two books in the series I couldn’t resist. I really enjoy her books and I love the message in each one. I think these are great books for teens girls to read.

We were all teens once and we all went through the same things that most teens go through today and we struggle with making the right decisions and if we make the wrong decision then we struggle with the consequences of that decision.

Thankfully with these books Nicole gives the reader two choices, the right one and the wrong one. You can read what happens when you make the right choice and then you can go back and read if you decide that wrong one. Its two books in one.

In Making Waves, Kate is a young girl who is missing her sister Julie (she just got married) and her best friend Olivia. Olivia moved to Chicago because her dad got a promotion. Feeling sad and alone Kate decides to go for a swim. Its when she is swimming that she realizes she could be swimming all year long. She decides to join the school swim team.

She tries out and makes the team. She knew she was good but never realized how good she was until she is told and put in the spot light. You can see Kate struggling with her new found fame and being the center of attention which she doesn’t like because she doesn’t want to take away from her other team mates. She is trying to keep an equal balance in her life and trying to do it all but she quickly realizes she can’t keep up.

What will Kate do? Can she remain strong and do whats right or will being the best be her down fall?

Sadly when I went looking for the next books in the series I discovered they are only coming out in the spring of 2011.

Book 5-High Stakes
Book 6-Essence of Lilly

To find out more about this book, you can click on this link

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McKenzie’s Montana Mystery Review

PUB DATE: March 2010
PUBLISHER: Barbour Books
PAGES: 158

When Bailey and McKenzie arrive to help at a horse ranch in
Montana, they’re immediately entrenched in mysteries: a horse disappearing into
thin air, spookiness in an abandoned western town, and ranch hand upheaval. And
with all the unexpected action going on, how will they ever find time to prepare
for their rodeo competitions? Can the Camp Club Girls successfully combine their
skills to help Bailey and McKenzie save the ranch…and the rodeo for Sunshine


This is the 3rd book in the Camp Club Girls series.

I have been very lucky and got to read and review Mystery At Discovery Lake (Book 1) and Sydney’s DC Discovery (book 2). This is such a great series for the middle grade girl readers. There is always a mystery in each book that the girls decide to solve.

McKenzie is working at a horse ranch called Sunshine Stables and she is also training for the barrel racing. She has no idea but she is about to be surpised by Bailey. Bailey is also going to be working at the horse ranch for a little bit.

Its not to long after Bailey arrives that Emma’s (owner of Sunshine Stables) prized horse, Diamond Girl is missing. With no clues or leads the girls decide that this is a mystery for the Camp Club Girls. McKenzie and Bailey look for clues that will lead them to who ever is responsible for the disappearance of Diamond Girl.

What I love about these books is that it seems like all the clues point to one person and then at the end bam its someone you didn’t think of right away to begin with. I love that kind of surprise ending.

Will McKenzie and Bailey find out who took Diamond Girl and why?

-Alexis and the Sacramento Surpise (book 4) March 2010 pub date
-Kate’s Philadelphia Frenzy (book 5) May 2010 pub date
-Bailey’s Peoria Problem (book 6) May 2010 pub date

I just checked out the website for Camp Club Girls and the series is now up to 24 books. All coming out later this year and into next year and it seems like every two months two books are being released.

I can’t wait to read all of the books in this series.

Special thanks to Angie Brillhart of Barbour Publishing, Inc. for sending me a review copy and for First Wild Card Tours for allowing me to be a part of this tour.

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Camp Club Girls & The Mystery at Discovery Lake #1 First Wild Card Tour & Review

It is time for a FIRST Wild Card Tour book review! If you wish to join the FIRST blog alliance, just click the button. We are a group of reviewers who tour Christian books. A Wild Card post includes a brief bio of the author and a full chapter from each book toured. The reason it is called a FIRST Wild Card Tour is that you never know if the book will be fiction, non~fiction, for young, or for old…or for somewhere in between! Enjoy your free peek into the book!

You never know when I might play a wild card on you!

Today’s Wild Card author is:

and the book:

Camp Club Girls & the Mystery at Discovery Lake

Barbour Books (January 1, 2010)

***Special thanks to Angie Brillhart of Barbour Books for sending me a review copy.***


Renae Brumbaugh lives in Texas with her pastor husband, two noisy children, and two dogs. She’s authored four books in Barbour’s Camp Club Girls’ series, and Morning Coffee with James (Chalice Press), and has contributed to several anthologies. Her humor column and articles have appeared in publications across the country.

Visit the Camp Club Girl’s website.
Visit the author’s website.

Product Details:

List Price: $5.97
Reading level: Ages 9-12
Paperback: 160 pages
Publisher: Barbour Books (January 1, 2010)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1602602670
ISBN-13: 978-1602602670


Chapter One

“Shhhhhhh!” Sydney told Bailey. “What was that noise?”

“What noise?” asked Bailey.

“Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” commanded her new friend.

The two listened with all their focused energy. Then, there it was. Footsteps. Large, heavy footsteps.

The girls stood in terrified uncertainty.


Sydney gasped as the eerie shriek filled the air.

Yahahoho ho ho!

Bailey trembled uncontrollably as the crazy, unworldly laugh followed.

“Run!” Sydney screamed. The two dashed as fast as their legs could carry them, back toward the camp. Sydney stopped twice, waiting for Bailey’s shorter legs to catch up.


Fourteen-year-old Elizabeth sat in the middle of the dusty road, trying to cram her underwear back into her suitcase before anyone saw. I thought wheels were supposed to make a suitcase easier, she thought. Instead, the rolling blue luggage had tipped over three times before it finally popped open, leaving her belongings strewn in the street.

Suddenly, she was nearly barreled over by two girls running frantically. “Run for your life!” the smaller one cried. “It’s after us!”

“Whoa, calm down,” Elizabeth focused on the terrified girls.

The taller one panted. “Something’s back there!”

Elizabeth looked toward the golf course but saw nothing. She noticed that the smaller girl seemed to struggle for air, and her protective instincts took over. “Calm down. You’ll be okay.”

“Need. . .inhaler,” gasped the girl.

Elizabeth sprang into action, digging through the girl’s backpack until she found a small blue inhaler. Then she helped hold it steady while the slight girl gasped in the medication. The taller girl kept looking toward the miniature golf course they’d just left. “Sorry,” the small girl whispered. “I’m supposed to keep that in my pocket, but I got so excited I forgot.”

“I’m Elizabeth. Why don’t you tell me what happened.”

“I’m Bailey,” said the short, dark-haired girl. “Bailey Chang.”

“And I’m Sydney Lincoln,” said the tall, dark-skinned girl with beaded braids. “We were at the golf course, and. . .and. . .”

“And something came after us!” exclaimed Bailey.

Elizabeth looked skeptical as she tucked a strand of long blond hair into the clip at the base of her neck.

“Is this your first year here? This is my third year here, and the most dangerous thing I’ve seen is a skunk.”

The girls giggled but didn’t look convinced. “Come with us. We’ll show you.” Bailey pulled Elizabeth back toward the golf course.

“I thought you were afraid of whatever it was! Why do you want to go back there?” Elizabeth asked.

The young girl stood to her full height. “Because I am going to be a professional golfer. And I’m not going to let whatever that was bully me. I plan to practice my golf strokes while I’m here.”

“Will you tell me exactly what happened?” Elizabeth asked Sydney.

Sydney looked each girl in the eye and spoke slowly. “Something or someone is in the woods by the golf course. And it wasn’t a friendly.” She paused for dramatic effect. “And. . .it came after us.”


Kate Oliver leaned back on her bed and smiled. Yes! I got the bed by the window! she thought. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get good reception for my laptop and cell phone. She tucked a strand of blond hair behind her ear. It was too short to stay there, and just long enough to drive her crazy.

Bam! The cabin’s outer door slammed, and Kate heard voices. Pushing her black-framed glasses up on her nose, she sat up. Two girls entered the room, giggling and talking.

“I can’t believe I’m finally here! This is so cool. And look at this cute little dorm room! It’s just like the cabin in The Parent Trap! Oh, hello!” The fun-looking brunette with piercing blue eyes greeted Kate. “I’m Alex Howell. Alexis, really, but nobody calls me that except my mother. I am so excited! This will be the best two weeks ever!”

Kate smiled and reached to shake the girl’s hand. “Kate Oliver,” she said. “Welcome to cabin 12B.” She looked at the other girl.

The girl’s freckles matched her curly auburn hair, and she offered a friendly smile. “Hi there. I’m McKenzie Phillips.”


The two girls looked at Elizabeth stubbornly, as if needing to prove their story to her. Hearing another bus pull up, Elizabeth remembered her belongings, which were still lying in the middle of the road.

“I’ll tell you what. You help me get this awful suitcase to cabin 12B, and then I’ll walk to the golf course with you. Deal?”

Bailey’s mouth dropped open, and Sydney’s eyes widened.

“You’re in cabin 12B?” asked Sydney.

“That’s our cabin!” exclaimed Bailey.

Now it was Elizabeth’s turn to be surprised. “You’re kidding! Wow. It is a small world. Okay, roomies, help me hide my underwear before the entire camp sees, and we’ll be on our way.”

The girls gathered the strewn articles of clothing. Bailey held up one particular article of clothing and giggled. “Tinkerbell? Seriously, you have Tinkerbell on your . . .”

Elizabeth snatched the unmentionables from Bailey, crammed them in her suitcase, and snapped it shut. “Not another word, shorty!” Elizabeth scolded, but with a twinkle in her eye. The three girls chattered all the way to cabin 12B. As they approached the cabin, the two younger girls pulled their luggage out from behind some bushes.

“We sat together on the bus from the airport, and we both wanted to see the golf course before we did anything else. So we stowed our suitcases here until we got back,” explained Sydney.

Elizabeth laughed. With these two as roommates, this year’s camp experience would be far from dull.

The girls entered the cabin and located room B to the right. Three girls were already there, smiling and laughing.

“Hello, I’m Elizabeth. I guess we’ll be roommates!” She tossed her things on the lower bunk closest to the door, and Sydney placed her things on the bunk above that. Bailey took the top bunk next to Sydney. After an awkward pause, McKenzie stepped forward.

“I’m McKenzie Phillips,” she said. “I’m thirteen, and I’m from White Sulphur Springs, Montana.”

Alex bounced forward. “I’m Alexis Howell, Alex for short. I’m twelve, and I’m from Sacramento.”

“Sydney. Twelve. Washington, D.C.”

“Oh, that is so cool. Do you know the president?” asked Bailey, and everyone laughed. “I’m Bailey Chang. I’m nine, and I’m from Peoria, Illinois. And just so you’ll all know, I plan to be the next Tiger Woods. I’ll be glad to sign autographs, if you want. They’ll be worth money some day.”

Elizabeth stepped forward. “I’ll take one, Bailey. I’ll sell it and use the money for college. I’m Elizabeth Anderson, fourteen, from Amarillo, Texas.”

“Well, I guess that leaves me,” said Kate. “Kate Oliver, eleven, Philadelphia.”

Alexis jumped up and down. “Oh, this will be so much fun! Kate brought her laptop with her. I have the coolest roommates ever!”

Everyone’s attention turned to Kate’s bed, which was covered with a laptop and several small gadgets. “What is all that stuff?” asked Sydney. The girls gathered around Kate’s bed and watched her pull items out of a black backpack.

“It’s like a magician’s bag. It has no bottom,” mused McKenzie.

Kate laughed. “My dad teaches robotics at Penn State, so he’s always bringing home little devices to test out. Some of them are really helpful. Some of them are just fun to play with.”

One by one, she pulled the oddly shaped gadgets out of her bag, describing the functions of each.

“This is my cell phone. It can take pictures and short video clips, has a GPS tracker, a satellite map, Internet access, a motion sensor, a voice recorder, and about a zillion other things!” Aiming it at the others, she said, “Say cheese!”

The other girls leaned together and smiled. “Cheeeeeeeeeeeeese!”

Kate saved the picture, then passed the phone to the others and dug through her backpack again. “This digital recorder can record conversations up to thirty feet away.”

Sydney squinted her eyes. “You’re kidding! That thing is the size of a contact lens! Let me see!” Kate handed her the recorder and kept digging.

“This is a reader,” she continued, holding up a small penlike device.

“A what?” asked McKenzie.

“A reader. You run it across words on a page, and it records them to memory. Like a small scanner.”

“That is so cool! I had no idea stuff like this existed!” McKenzie examined the reader.

“Here, I have my Bible. Will you show us how the reader works?” Elizabeth grabbed a worn Bible from her bag and handed it to Kate.

“Sure. You turn it on by pressing this button, and. . .” She ran the pen over a page in Psalms.

Elizabeth giggled. “I’ve heard of hiding God’s Word in your heart, but never in your pen!”

The gadget girl suddenly stopped her display to announce, “Hey, I’m starved. Is anybody else hungry?”

“It’s almost dinnertime,” announced Elizabeth. “But first, we have some business to take care of at the golf course.”

The girls listened as Sydney and Bailey described their experience.

“Whoa, cool!” exclaimed Alex. “We have a mystery on our hands! Why don’t we go right now and check it out?”

“Why don’t we eat first?” called out Kate. “Starving girl here, remember?” The others laughed at the petite girl whose stomach was growling loudly.

Since it was almost dinnertime, the group decided to head to the dining hall first. Bailey led the way, taking over as tour guide.

“Wait for me,” called Alex. “I need to grab my lip gloss!” She shoved strawberry Lip Smackers into her pocket.

The group wandered through the camp, with Bailey pointing out different sites. Suddenly, she stopped. “Well, guys, I hate to tell you this. . .but I have no idea how to get to the dining hall from here.”

“It’s this way,” stated Elizabeth. “You’ll get your bearings. My first year here, it took me the whole time before I could find my way around. But I get lost in a closet.”

McKenzie spoke up. “Come on, girls, let’s go. Remember, Kate’s about to starve. We wouldn’t want her to waste away to nothing.”

Everyone laughed at Kate, who pretended to be nearly fainting. “I need sustenance, and I need it now!”

The group arrived at the dining hall with seven minutes to spare. They stood near the front of the line, and Elizabeth said, “Get ready for a long meal. The camp director will explain all the camp rules, introduce the counselors, and tell us more than we want to know about Camp Discovery Lake.”

“Terrific.” Bailey sighed. “I wanted to visit the golf course before dark.”

“Don’t worry,” said Alex. “After the story you and Sydney told, I think we all want to find out what’s down there.”

“Really?” Bailey said. “You’ll all come?”

“You bet!” said McKenzie. “The girls of cabin 12B stick together!”


The sun was dipping behind the horizon by the time the girls left the dining hall.

“Hooray! We can finally go to the golf course!” Bailey called.

“We’d better hurry. It’s getting dark,” said Elizabeth.

“Yeah, and after the story you and Sydney told, I certainly don’t want to be there after dark,” added Kate.

The girls scurried while chattering about the different camp activities they wanted to try. Before they knew it, the sun was gone and they could barely see the road. “Why is the golf course so far away from the main camp?” asked Alex nervously.

Sydney laughed. “So nobody will get hit on the head with a stray golf ball!”

Suddenly, a voice called out from the woods.

“Who? Who? Who?”

“What was that?” whispered Bailey.

“Who?” came the voice again.

McKenzie giggled. “You city girls don’t know much about the country, do you? That was an owl!”

The others burst into laughter as the voice called again, “Who?”

“I’m Sydney! Who are you?” Sydney shouted, and the laughter continued.

“It sure does get dark here, doesn’t it?” said Kate. “It never gets this dark in the city.”

“Are we close to the golf course?” asked Alex.

“It doesn’t seem nearly as far in the daytime,” Elizabeth told her.

They continued, each trying to seem brave. The trees that had seemed friendly and protecting in the daytime now loomed like angry giants. The girls’ steps became slower and slower as they struggled to see where they were stepping.

Finally, Kate stopped and looked at the sky through the trees. “Look, everybody! It’s the Big Dipper!” The other five girls looked to where she pointed.

“Wow, the sky is beautiful. It’s so dark, and the stars are so bright,” whispered Sydney.

“The stars are never this bright in Sacramento,” Alex commented. “The city lights are brighter. Hey, this reminds me of an episode of Charlie’s Angels, where the Angels’ car broke down in the middle of nowhere, and they had to use the stars to find their way home.”

The girls were so focused on the sky that they didn’t notice the image moving toward them. Kate was the first to lower her eyes, and she blinked in confusion. Adjusting her eyeglasses, she whispered, “Uh, guys?”

The girls continued pointing out the brightest stars.

Kate tried to make her voice louder, but terror kept it to a soft squeak. “G–g–guys?” The image moved closer, but still, no one heard her. Finally, Kate grabbed Sydney’s sleeve. “Wh–wh–what is that?” she squeaked.

Sydney looked. “Oh, my word! What in the world is that?”

The girls saw a white stripe in the road, moving slowly, steadily toward them. They were frozen, until Elizabeth yelled, “Skunk!”

Camp Discovery Lake resounded with shrieks and squeals as the girls ran back toward the cabins. McKenzie led the way with Alex close on her heels.

The girls didn’t slow down until they had burst through the door of cabin 12B. Falling onto the beds, they panted, then soon began giggling.

“Can you believe it? A skunk! We were scared of a little bitty skunk!” howled McKenzie.

“I don’t know about you, McKenzie, but I wasn’t about to smell like Pepe Le Pew out there!” retorted Alex, and the girls laughed even harder.

“Hey, Sydney, is that what scared you today? Some forest creature?”

Sydney and Bailey stopped giggling and looked at one another. “No,” they replied.

“Whatever we heard was not small,” said Bailey. “And it wasn’t friendly.”

“And it definitely came after us,” added Sydney.


I enjoyed reading this book and its a perfect book for girls in the age group of 8-12.

This is the first book in a twenty four book series.

While I was reading the book for some reason Nancy Drew popped in my head. I use to read Nancy Drew when I was younger and its similiar to that.

This book takes place at Camp Discovery Lake. All the girls are staying in cabin 12. They are Sydney, Bailey, Elizabeth, Kate, Alexis, and McKenzie. They are all from different parts of the US. Who all become fast friends and stick together.

The book opens up with Sydney and Bailey running for their lives at strange noises they heard down by the golf course. What is going on down by the golf course? The six girls are determined to uncover the mystery.

I found the book to be interesting and a page turner, you couldn’t help but want to know how the girls would keep the puppy quiet and what the treasure was that Gerhardt was looking for. Will they be able to uncover the mystery?

This is the official site for the Camp Club Girls On the site there is a contest you can entire to win some really cool prizes. Sadly the contest is US only. Also on the site is a place to print some really cool bookmarks and you can get to know the girls of Camp Club a little better.

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All That Glitters Review

PUB DATE: August 2009
Thank you to Nicole O’Dell and Barbour Books for sending me this book to read and review.

Drew Daniels finally has what she thought she wanted—popularity and a cute boyfriend. But now she’s faced with choosing between pleasing her boyfriend and doing what’s right. Tween readers make the choice in this interactive story and see how the consequences change Drew’s life. Includes a contract and prayer to remind the reader of the importance of making godly decisions.

This is the second book in the series but you don’t have to read the first book first. They are stand alone and each book is a new situation and new characters. This was another fun and quick read.

All that Glitters is about two twin sisters, Dani and Drew. They are beginning 9th grade. Dani is the quiet reserved twin who likes things the way they are and Drew is wanting to branch out and be her unique self and not be so much referred to as the twin.

The girls go back to school shopping with their mother and agree to share the budget on clothes but Drew has a plan up her sleeve, when they get to the mail she tells them she wants to get her hair cut differently. Which she does and as they are about to leave she asks her mother if they can stay because she wants to get some special clothes. Her mother agrees but she has guidelines to follow. You know this will be trouble but Drew is smart with what she buys knowing that she is buying the wrong clothes but she makes it work so her mother will agree.

Once school begins Drew announces she is going to try out for cheer leading. She makes the team and more. With being in cheer leading she is exposed to the football team and the popular world. Not wanting to be an outcast she does what ever it will take to be with Trevor and that group even if it mean she is lying to her parents and perhaps getting into trouble with the police.

I am really looking forward to reading Magna and Making Waves when they come out.

I think as a parent this is a great book for young girls to read. I know as a parent I am already worrying about this stuff and Michael is only 6.

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Truth or Dare Review

PUB DATE: August 2009

Thank you to Nicole O’Dell and Barbour Books for sending me this book to read and review.

Lindsay Martin is faced with a tough choice: Does she give in to peer pressure and make her friends happy or does she do what she knows is right—even if it means losing her friends forever? Tween readers make the choice in this interactive story and see how the consequences change Lindsay’s life. Includes a contract and prayer to remind the reader of the importance of making godly decisions.

I think that this is a great concept for the book. Its actually two books in one. When you got to the section in the book you could actually choose would Lindsay cave to peer pressure and if she did you got to see what would happen. If you think she won’t you got to see what would happen.

I really enjoyed reading the book and it was a quick and easy read. As I was reading the book I realized that growing up I was never really forced into peer pressure. I think that mainly had to do with the group of people I hung around with. I mean of course there was drugs, alcohol and many other things around me but we chose not to be involved in that. Plus I grew up in a household where alcohol was around and I saw it and realized I didn’t want to be like that.

Truth or Dare is about four girls who are the best of friends: Lindsay, Macy, Sam and Kelly. Of all the girls I could relate the most with Macy. She is the soft spoken one who hates to offend anyone and feelings get easily hurt. That is just like me. (Yea I know hard to believe eh?)

With the girls being in 8th grade they have to celebrate so Sam suggests a sleep over and has a surprise for the girls. So when the girls show up and are wondering about the surprise she tells them they are going to play Truth or Dare.

We all know that playing Truth or Dare will lead to trouble. At first it starts out harmless but then it escalates to some serious illegal stuff. What will happen to the girls? What would you do?

This is a great book for young girls to read and I highly recommend it.

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