Making Waves (Scenarios 4) Review

TITLE: Making Waves Book 4 in the Scenarios Series
AUTHOR: Nicole O’Dell
PUB DATE: April 2010
PUBLISHER: Barbour Books
PAGES: 192

Thanks to Angie from Barbour Books for sending this to me to read & review and a special thank you to Nicole for contacting me asking if I would review her books.

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Kate Walker joins the swim team and becomes obsessed with
practice and making it through the championships with flying colors. What will
Kate do when she s faced with pressure from her teammates to take an illegal
substance that will help her swim multiple events in their championship meet?
Girls ages 10 to 15 make the choice in this interactive story and see how the
consequences of the alternate endings change Kate’s life. Includes a contract
and prayer to remind the reader of the importance of making godly decisions.

After reading these books I always walk away with “Gee I wish I had this kind of book when I was a teen.”

I actually met Nicole on twitter last year and she asked me right away if I would be interested in being part of her virtual book tour for Truth or Dare and All That Glitters. So earlier this year when she contacted me again about reviewing her next two books in the series I couldn’t resist. I really enjoy her books and I love the message in each one. I think these are great books for teens girls to read.

We were all teens once and we all went through the same things that most teens go through today and we struggle with making the right decisions and if we make the wrong decision then we struggle with the consequences of that decision.

Thankfully with these books Nicole gives the reader two choices, the right one and the wrong one. You can read what happens when you make the right choice and then you can go back and read if you decide that wrong one. Its two books in one.

In Making Waves, Kate is a young girl who is missing her sister Julie (she just got married) and her best friend Olivia. Olivia moved to Chicago because her dad got a promotion. Feeling sad and alone Kate decides to go for a swim. Its when she is swimming that she realizes she could be swimming all year long. She decides to join the school swim team.

She tries out and makes the team. She knew she was good but never realized how good she was until she is told and put in the spot light. You can see Kate struggling with her new found fame and being the center of attention which she doesn’t like because she doesn’t want to take away from her other team mates. She is trying to keep an equal balance in her life and trying to do it all but she quickly realizes she can’t keep up.

What will Kate do? Can she remain strong and do whats right or will being the best be her down fall?

Sadly when I went looking for the next books in the series I discovered they are only coming out in the spring of 2011.

Book 5-High Stakes
Book 6-Essence of Lilly

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