Proud to be a Canadian

Today is one of those days where I am happy to say I am proud to be a Canadian. The 2010 Vancouver winter Olympics came to a close last night.

I have been thinking about the olympics and how excited Canadians have been this past year. The olympics were last in Canada in 1988 in Calgary and I don’t remember there being that much excitement like these games.

Thankfully I have a cousin who lives in Vancouver and he literally lives down the street from the Olympic Village. (11 blocks exactly). Bruce was the one who started some of the excitement because he was posting pictures of the construction of it.

How lucky for him to be living in all the hustle and bustle of it all?

Then for us the next bit of excitment was getting to actually hold the Olympic torch. Which is a complete honor to get the chance to do that and I couldn’t pass this opportunity up for Michael or myself. Not knowing when it will come to Canada again.
Both Michael and I got to see the relay pass by our house.

This is a picture taken by my cousin, Bruce of the caldron outside in Vancouver.

Canada placed third in the medal standings coming home with a total of 26 medals: 14 Gold, 7 Silver and 5 Bronze.

Canada made history with us being the only country to win the most gold medals this winter games.

Here is a break down in the medals:

-Our first gold medal was won in Freestyle Skiing-Men’s Mogul by Montreals own Alex Bilodeau. We actually were watching when Alex won his medal.
-Speed Skating-Ladies 1000m
-Figure Skating-Ice Dance (this was Canadians first time winning this)
-Short Track Speed Skating-Mens 500m (Charles Hamelin another Quebec athlete)
-Speed Skating-Men’s Team pursuit
-Snowboard-Ladies snowboard Cross
-Ice Hockey-Womens
-Snowboard-Mens Parallel Giant Slalom (another local athlete)
-Short Track Speed Skating-Men’s 5000m Relay
-Freestyle Skiing-Ladies Ski Cross
-Ice Hockey Men’s

-short track speed skating-ladies 3000m relay
-short track speed skating-ladies 500m
-freestyle skiing-ladies mogul
-speed skating-ladies 1500m
-snowboard-mens snowboard cross


-Joannie Rochette truly did Canada and Quebec very proud. Just a few days before she was scheduled to skate her mother died instantly of a heart attack upon arriving in Vancouver and Joannie was unsure if she would skate. We are so proud that she did and she skated beautifully.
-Bobsleigh-four man
-speed skating-ladies 3000m
-short track speed skating-mens 500m
-speed skating-ladies 5000m

Thank you Bruce for allowing me to use some of your photos.

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