Great Summer Reads Day 12 – Healing Hands



Parents to four wonderful children, Jerry and Stephanie Jaeger enjoy working together as J.S. Jaeger to write uplifting, entertaining stories. 

Jerry overcame bullying to earn his black belt in Kempo Karate. He served as a special agent for the FBI and currently works as a prosecutor. 

Stephanie ran her own accounting practice for several years before turning her focus to writing Scrolls of Zndaria with Jerry. 

Together, they are excited to bring readers of all ages into the magical world of Zndaria.

Denya’s excited to attend the Healing Hands Academy. It’s her chance to become a handmaiden, help others, and live a life of adventure.
But studying at the Academy isn’t everything she’d
hoped. The headmistress and many of the students still look down on human
handmaidens. It seems as quickly as she makes friends, she has to say goodbye.
And just as she starts gaining acceptance, she puts the other students in
Is Denya’s determination enough to see her through,
or will she be sent home, back to the peasant life she’s trying to escape?
The second Short Scroll of Zndaria, Healing Hands
parallels The Golden Wizard and allows readers to see the magical world of
Zndaria through Denya’s eyes. Readers will be reunited with favorite characters
from the main series as well as experience life in the Redwood Forest.
Buy this book today to get a glimpse into the world
of Zndaria or delve deeper into the journey that began in The Golden Wizard!


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Denya dashed forward, closing the gap between her
and the wolves. A wolf caught the back of one of trolls’ worn-out shirt in its
teeth. Denya brought her stick down on the wolf’s head. It skidded into the
ground with a piece of fabric stuck in its mouth. The young trolls escaped
across the bridge. The second wolf lunged at Denya. She met its chest with a
blow in mid-air. It fell to the ground. Snarling, both wolves rose and circled
“Leave me alone!” She swung the stick frantically.
“Leave!” She fought to keep from panicking, but tears stung her eyes.


The wolves nipped at her. She struck one in the
snout. It growled and snapped at her again. Denya continued swinging her club,
searching for an escape that didn’t exist. One of the wolves bit her cloak,
ripping through the hem. She couldn’t remember a time she’d feared for her life
like this.


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