Review/ Baker’s Magic

Review/ Baker’s MagicBaker's Magic by Diane Zahler
Published by Capstone Young Readers on February 1, 2017

Bee is an orphan, alone in a poor, crumbling kingdom. In desperation, she steals a bun from a bakery. To Bee's surprise, the baker offers her a place at his shop. As she learns to bake, Bee discovers that she has a magical power. When a new friend desperately needs her help against an evil mage, Bee wonders what a small orphan girl with only a small bit of magic can do. Bee's journey to help her friend becomes a journey to save the kingdom, and a discovery of the meaning of family.

I love when books happen to find their way into my hands and into my heart.  “Baker’s Magic” by Diane Zahler in one such book.  I do not remember how I came upon this novel, but I am glad that it found a home amongst my bookshelves.

The novel situates the reader in a kingdom run by a disgruntle and powerful wizard who has control over all the land.  Add an orphan, a princess, a boy, pirates, wizards, a baker, a hedgehog, and you have the makings of a great story.

Absolutely starving, Bee finds herself in a bakery, stealing a sticky bun before she even knows what she is doing.  From this beginning, Bee is offered a place to call home, learns to trust in others, and discovers that she has a wee bit of magic in her.  Just enough that her baking absorbs this magic and it can then be shared with others.  Very useful when you are trying to save a princess, rescue her father, the king, while negotiating with pirates, and battling with wizards.

Throughout this incredible journey, Bee discovers what family is all about and learns the true meaning of the word, home.  A wonderful novel for both boys and girls between the ages of 11 and 13.  A yummy recipe is included at the end of the story, to help you create a little baker’s magic of your own.  A must read for those who love one adventure after another.