Review/ Forensics Squad: Unleashed

Review/ Forensics Squad: UnleashedForensics Squad Unleashed by Monique Polak
Published by Orca Book Publishers on March 28, 2016
Pages: 208

Tabitha is thrilled to be attending a summer forensics camp, even if she has to go with her sort-of friend Mason. Soon she is learning to dust for fingerprints, photograph a crime scene and take footprint impressions. Even though the camp instructors have set up a "crime" for the kids to solve, Tabitha longs to use her newfound skills to solve a real-life mystery. She's pretty sure a dognapping ring is active in her Montreal neighborhood, and when her beloved dog, Roxie, is stolen, she convinces her forensics "team" to help her find Roxie and nab the 'nappers.

A story unravelling in my own home town of Montreal…on streets that I have walked…at a university that I know…about learning how to become a detective (my dream since reading Nancy Drew) … how can one go wrong by reading “Forensics Squad: Unleashed” by Monique Polak?

Leave out the fact that Monique is a GREAT Montrealer, fantastic teacher (my former professor from college), novelist, journalist, etcetera, etcetera, this is a fun and engaging book for anyone who loves a good mystery.

Tabitha had no clue that once attending a summer forensics camp, she would be putting her wits to the test, not only in the classroom but in real life as well.  When her dog goes missing, Tabitha and her classmates decide to take matters into their own hands.  They quickly realize that a classroom scenario is much safer than in real life.

Filled with real life teenage quirks that Monique captures so well in her writing, this story takes you on a journey between classroom forensics and the real world.  I couldn’t put the book down and I can’t wait to read another one.  So, Monique, when is the next one coming out?