Announcement Post

I just quickly wanted to hop onto my blog to make an announcement.

First I have to apologize for the lack of post these past few months and that is so not like me at all. But with Spring and what appears to be nicer weather happening, although its currently raining here, I am feeling inspired to get back into blogging.

The past few months have been a little crazy with hockey. This past season my son made the Bantam A team and what we didn’t realize in the beginning was how much ice time he would be getting with practices and games. It was a little crazy compared to being on a B team. Then we had a few tournaments right after the other so it seemed like there was times we were living in arenas but its all good because he had fun and learned a lot from these coaches.

But during that time I was still reading so I have quite a few, 43 to be exact of book reviews to post. So they will slowly be appearing on the blog.

Alright time for my announcement… are you ready for this?

Please help me welcome a new member to the Cindy’s Love of Books blogging team, my bestie, Jennifer.

I have finally convinced my best friend to join in the blogging fun and she has agreed. So you will be seeing her reviews of books here as well.

I have known Jennifer for several years but honestly it feels like I have known her forever. We were introduced a few years ago through a mutual friend (our kids are friends and went to school together). We actually went to the same church (and didn’t realize it) and our kids did their first communion and confirmation together.

Here is a little bit about Jennifer:

Who am I?  Well, I wear many hats, as I’m sure most of you do. I’m a wife, mother of two (14 and 10.5, the half is very important), piano teacher, interpreter for Deaf individuals, and Youth Minister at our Parish.

However, remove the hats and I’m someone who becomes very excited when book shopping with my BFF. Being surrounded by children is an enjoyment. Reading books and listening/playing music are my passion.

Books that draw my attention are those with creativity and intrigue. It doesn’t matter what age the book is geared towards, if it is well written, I will read it.  Any story that includes other books, music, magic, mystery, and chocolate are what I tend to gravitate towards. I relate well to books that take place in Canada and I do my best to include Canadian authors in my repertoire.  Books are timeless. One week I’ll read a book published in 2018 and the next week I’ll read a classic. Seasonal books are always fun to read as well. They help put you in the mood.

Thanks for reading and please let me know if there is a book out there that I should get my hands on.

I am so happy to have Jennifer on board with me and to help with the blog. She is such a sweet person and my partner in crime. Plus she gets me and I get her which is sometimes hard to find in a friend.

Thanks Jennifer for jumping on board.