Review/ The Butterfly Code

Review/ The Butterfly CodeThe Butterfly Code by Sue Wyshynski
Published by Whitman Books on October 15th 2015
Pages: 346

My name is Aeris Thorne. I am a genetically modified human.

All it took was a chance meeting--one tingling glance across a darkened street to change my life.

I'd been searching for my two best friends in the crowded Zenith Club, which was a really bad idea because I'm totally claustrophobic .
I burst outside, and that's when I came face-to-face with the incredibly gorgeous Hunter Cayman. Dark-haired, tall, and leaning against an insane sports car, my pulse went haywire. Maybe things weren't so bad after all. The young doctor had his long muscular arms crossed over his leather jacket clad chest, and all his six-foot something would make any girl's knees turn weak. But then, if what Ella said was true, Hunter was the kind of guy who left behind a trail of broken hearts. And heartache was the last thing I needed right now.

Yet there's something strange, something almost superhuman about Hunter. It's more than that infuriatingly knowing grin. I'm trying to stop thinking about him, and I get the feeling he's avoiding me, too. Yet Deep Cove is a tiny town and every time we run into each other the tension literally crackles, sparking around us. It just figures that when suddenly I'm in danger, he's there to save me.

In truth, I should be dead. By all the logic in this world, I should be shattered to pieces. How fast was I going on that ATV when I smashed into those iron gates? Ninety? A hundred? And the men who were chasing me, where did they go?

Somehow I'm whole.

Maybe better than whole.

There's no one I can talk to, not even my best friend, Gage. Gage hates Hunter. He wants Hunter's laboratory to be shut down. He thinks Hunter's a monster. And yet, if that's true, if Hunter's a monster...than what am I? I'm not sure what terrifies me more, the metamorphosis taking place inside me, or the intensely powerful connection with a guy whose heart and soul has become linked with mine.

Get lost in THE BUTTERFLY CODE, the captivating first book in this YA sci-fi romance series.

"Warning!!! Seriously this book will take over your life once you start reading so plan ahead if possible, it is that engrossing."-Tonyalove, Amazon Reviewer ★★★★★

"Easily one of my favorite reads this year! I was completely and utterly consumed!"-Stacy, Amazon Reviewer ★★★★★
"I'll definitely be looking for more books by this author!"-MD, Amazon Reviewer ★★★★★

I always feel like I am a broken record when I say that one of the best things about being a book blogger and reviewing books is getting the chance to discover new authors that you have never heard about before and reading books outside your normal genres.

I recently got a email from Xpresso Book Tours looking for bloggers to take part in The Infinity Gene by Sue Wyshynski which is the second book in the series and after reading the description I instantly signed up because it sounded like it would be a interesting read and because she is a Canadian author even though she is living in the US.

If you are interested in read this first book Amazon currently has it free to download on your kindle. My Canadian readers can click on THIS and my American reader can click on This.

The Butterfly Code has a whole mix of genre’s in this ranging from Sci-fi, romance, fantasy, and mystery. Which I think makes a great read if you like these genres. Sometimes this kind of thing can’t work and sometimes it does work and this time it worked perfectly. Plus if you are a regular reader of my blog you know that I don’t tend to read fantasy/Sci-Fi but I think I am being converted.

When I started this book and this trilogy I was instantly hooked and I had a hard time to put the kindle down. After reading this I was happy that I had the second one waiting to go, I only wish I had the third book, The Modified Girl on hand to read right after but I know that I will be buying it during the black friday sale. I am curious to see where this will go.

Our main character is Aeris (who has come home from NYC to spend a little time with her father before she has to go back to start her job in NYC with the Philharmonic) and the book begins with her looking for her two best friends at a club being claustrophobic she decides to wait outside because she knows hey will eventually go looking for her. While she is standing in front of the club she notices Dr, Hunter Cayman parked outside and standing in front of his car. She has been warned by her father to stay away from him. But there is something about him that she is drawn to and I think vise versa for him as well.

What can I saw about Hunter? I was intrigued by him and wanted to know more about him. He is dark and mysterious and there is something about him that you want to know more. I was even lured in by him.

There is so much mystery and secrets around Hunter and his lab that I think the curiosity got to Aeris and she knew there was more to it then she knew and she was determined to find out its deep dark secrets but getting to close could be a problem. What will she do when she uncovers why everyone has told her to stay away?

As I am sitting her writing this review there is so much I want to say but afraid if I say anything more that it will give the book away and I don’t want to do that because I want you to go and read it and see for yourself. So what are you waiting for go and pick it up…

The cover! Can we just talk about the cover? I really like it and I think if this was facing me on a bookstore shelf I would definitely pick it up to see what the book is about and I would probably buy it. Would you buy it based on the cover?