Savvy Reader Readathon TODAY

This is my second year I have signed up for the 50 Book Pledge. The nice thing about this is that you don’t just have to read 50 books you can read more and I always set my goal for 50 but I always read more then that almost double that.

Now I am not sure if this is something new but I believe twice a year they host a one day read-a-thon to help you reach your goals and I believe that last one was in May and I some how missed that one and I probably could have used it at the time as I am struggling to reach my goal on 100 books for the year and I have roughly 70 days to go.

Be sure to click on the banner that will take you directly to the page for all the details you need and I don’t think its to late to sign up we all can use a day of reading right?

I am going to try and squeeze in as much reading as I can until hockey this afternoon.