Review/ Awoke

Book Details:

Book Title: Awoke (The Want Series) by K.T. Conte
Category: YA Fiction; 324 pages
Genre: Fantasy/Paranormal Romance
Publisher: SugarCane Publishing
Release date: October 2017
Format available for review: print & ebook (mobi, ePub, PDF)
Will ship print books to: Internationally
Tour dates: Sept 25 to Oct 27, 2017
Content Rating: PG-13 (mainly bad language)

Book Description:

Katya leads a normal life any teenager would be envious of – popular, pretty and dating the high school elite. Not she enjoys the spotlight, mind you. She wants everyone to believe she is normal.

But when Katya sees the real reason behind the earthquakes plaguing everyone in Boston, the truth rattles and shatters the perfect normal illusion Katya created for herself. An ability to see unearthly creatures and manipulate waves of life energy labels her as anything but normal. And it’s an ability that attracts unwanted and dangerous attention.

She reluctantly finds herself in the company of Gregor, a handsome member of an international spirit military team called the Kyrios. Her simple decision to help thrusts Katya in a world of the undead spirits, betrayal and a perpetual battle between undead monsters and the wardens that keep them in their place.

Katya must decide whether she values the simple and easy life she created for herself over the complex and difficult world now asking her to stand and fight.


Thanks to iRead Book Tours for allowing me to be a part of the blog tour for the book and for sending me a copy of the book to read.

I love being able to discover new and exciting books outside of genres I normally don’t read and this was another great one  that is completely outside my comfort zone. Which I think is always a good thing. I loved the cover, its bright and stands out. I should say that I pretty much devoured this book fairly quickly.

Our main character Katya is a kick ass character and one I loved reading and hopefully there will be another book to discover more about her. By day is she is a normal teenage girl who is pretty. popular and dating the mot popular guy at her school but what no one really knows is that she is struggling on the inside trying to figure things out. It all begins when she crosses the path of one of the Guardians of Death that her powers being to almost explode. She quickly realizes she needs to get this under control before risking the lives of those around her.

We are introduced to quite a few characters and a lot is happening  but its not all in your face at one time which I was getting ready for. I liked that it was gradually and it all blended in to make sense. Everything was moving at just the right pace. Enough that it kept you reading and not wanting to put the book down. Which I really enjoy. A few things I could see coming and others I was like what the heck just happened and made me go back to read to see if I missed something.

These are the kinds of books I really enjoy. I think everyone would enjoy reading this and I highly recommend it.

Will Katya go and try to have a normal life or will she stand and fight?

I am looking forward to continuing this series.