Review/ The Queen is Coming to Tea

Title: The Queen is Coming to Tea
Author: Linda Ravin Lodding
Illustrator: Constranze von Kitzing
Pub Date: February 7, 2017
Publisher: Sourcebooks Jabberwocky

About the book:
Can Ellie and her furry friends get everything ready in time for tea with the Queen?

One day there was a knock at Ellie’s door. There stood the Queen’s Footman.

“A message from Her Royal Highness.” He offered Ellie a note on a silver tray.

May I please come for tea?

Sincerely yours,
The Queen Herself

When Ellie finds out the Queen is coming to tea, she snaps to attention! With her best friend, Langley the Elephant, Ellie travels to Paris, China, Italy, and New York to make sure they have everything they need for tea with the Queen. But will the Queen patiently wait? And what exactly will be waiting for the Queen?

Its hard when your child is getting older and picture books are no longer of interest but I admit I still take the time to flip through them when I see one that interests me.

I was happy when Sourcebooks  Jabberwonky asked if I would like to be a book tour for this and they graciously provided me with a copy of the book to read for my review today.

Its a super cute book with bright and colorful illustrations and I think little girls would be attracted to the book.

The book begins with a knock on Ellie’s door asking if the “Queen” could come for tea. Ellie is excited and quickly begins to prepare for the “Queen’s” arrival. She only wants the best for the Queen so she flies to Paris for a cake, Italy for lemons, China for tea and New York City for a dress. Along the way she picks up friends to come back with her.

I loved the imagination Ellie had because the Queen turns out to be her mother and they are sitting together and having a tea party.

This was such a fun and cute read.


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