Review/ Bubble by Stewart Foster

Review/ Bubble by Stewart FosterBubble by Stewart Foster
Format: ARC
Published by Simon Schuster Books for Young Readers on May 2nd 2017
Pages: 352

Wonder meets Mark Haddon in the poignant and uplifting debut novel about superheroes, super-nurses, and the beauty you can find in hope.
Eleven-year-old Joe has never had a life outside of the hospital, with its beeping machines and view of London’s rooftops. His condition means he’s not allowed outside, not even for a moment, and his few visitors risk bringing life-threatening germs inside his bubble. Then a new nurse offers Joe the possibility of going outside. But Joe doesn’t know if the nurse is serious—or whether he could survive the adventure.
Bubble is the touching story of how Joe spends his days, copes with his loneliness and frustration, and looks—with superhero-style bravery, curiosity, and hope—to a future without limits.

When I was offered Bubble to review by Simon & Schuster Canada I was intrigued by the book and instantly had to read it.

Bubble is about a eleven year old boy named Joe who suffers from SCID (Severe combined immunodeficiency) and how he lives his day to day live in the hospital, copes with his loneliness, and his frustrations.

Joe doesn’t remember his live outside his hospital room because that’s all he seems to know. He has never even left his room because of the life threatening germs that are out there that could kill him. His room is a sealed room that has machines that filter his air and checks his vitials. Everyone who enters Joe’s room has to scrub up wear a  mask and overalls.

In the beginning of the book Joe is happy and content. He still holds out that there will be a cure and that he can live life outside the hospital. Joe keeps himself busy with watching super hero dvd’s, attending school online and talking to his friend, Henry on skype who is another book like Joe living in America.

Then one day Joe’s life gets turned upside down by a new nurse who is Amir. Amir is rather strange to say the least and even I thought he was a little weird and perhaps suffering from something that wasn’t diagnosed. Amir believes in aliens and that they are coming any day now. I wasn’t sure if he was legit at first but as the story progressed I thought he was getting weirder all the time.

Then out of no where Amir offers Joe a chance to live on the edge for a bit but Joe knows this could be dangerous for him. While Joe go with what Amir is offering?

I really enjoyed the book and thought the characters and writing were really good. This is Stewart’s first book for younger readers. I would be curious to read his other books in the future.