If We Were Having Tea… #25


If we were having tea… I would tell you that this was a quiet weekend. We had no hockey or other commitments. It was still a do something weekend for us as we went summer clothes shopping for Michael as he needed shorts, tshirts and sneakers (hopefully he will get to wear the tshirts and shorts soon) and groceries.

If we were having tea… I would tell you that this week was Michael’s 13th birthday. Where has the time gone?  He is an amazing young man who is caring and compassionate.

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If we were having tea… I would tell you that this past week I spent alot of time on etsy looking at people who were selling planner decorating kits. If you know of any Canadian etsy sellers who sell planner kits/stickers can you please let me know as I am on the hunt.

If we were having tea... I would tell you that I did order a few (perhaps I went a little over board) kits from various etsy sellers and I have to say that I am a little nervous that I will be hit with duty when it arrives at my door. Fingers crossed it won’t be that bad. Do you decorate your planner?

If we were having tea… I would tell you that I have started working in my planner and I have a few things set up. I am hoping to share that with you some time this week.

If we were having tea… I would tell you that I am in the final stretch of the party planning for the hockey team. We ordered the end of year gifts for the kits and had certificates made up as well. It should be a fun party for the kids.

If we were having tea… I would tell you that it was great seeing you again this week and that I can’t wait until next week.

4 thoughts on “If We Were Having Tea… #25

    • Cindy says:

      Yes I do have the planner bug… agh its okay now that I found some Canadian shops it will be easier or at least I hope it will be. It took me ordering from the US to make me realize I can’t go crazy.. I need to plan a US weekend so that I can hit up the craft stores and target, dollar tree etc LOL

  1. mrsqbookaddict01 says:

    I’m using a Dokibook and I really love it. I do decorate, but don’t buy the sticker kits. The exchange rate, and shipping costs really caused me to rethink getting them. I use washi and some stickers, and whatever I can find that’s affordable. Happy Birthday Michael! I really hope we start getting warmer weather. Looks like the next few days will be cold.

    • Cindy says:

      Jennifer. I placed two orders through the US and when I got them I was like this is crazy I could have bought more kits from Canadian sellers so that is what I am currently doing trying to find Canadian sellers. It will save of the exchange rate. I haven’t been hit with duty yet so that is one good thing.

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