Review/ SEAL Wolf In Too Deep

Review/ SEAL Wolf In Too DeepSEAL Wolf In Too Deep (Heart of the Wolf, #18) by Terry Spear
Format: Paperback
Published by Sourcebooks Casablanca on February 2nd 2016
Pages: 352

Debbie Renaud is a police diver working on criminal cases with SEAL Allan Rappaport. She admires him greatly for his missions in the Navy, plus he's just plain HOT. Allan seems to share her attraction, but what she doesn't know is that her partner is wolf shifter.
Allan is really hung up on his smart, beautiful dive partner, but he can't get involved with a human outside dive duty. Yet when she gets between a werewolf hunter and his intended victim, one of the members of Allan's pack, they run into real trouble, and their lives are altered forever.

What can I say about Terry Spear’s that I haven’t already said except to say that she is so amazing. I love  her writing and her books. I am so happy that I was introduced to her books a few years ago. Terry is my automatic buy author and I don’t say that about alot of authors.

SEAL Wolf In Too Deep is her 18th book and its part of her SEAL Wolf series. You can read each book as a stand alone because each book has their own story the only thing you might find is previous characters being mentioned in this book. Its okay it won’t affect your thoughts on the book.

This was a page turner like all her other books and I always manage to read them rather quickly even though I try to savour the books I just can’t. She sucks you in right from the get go. Which is one of the reasons I love reading her books I know I will never be disappointed.

In Too Deep is Allan’s story and if you have read the previous books in this series you will discover that he was mentioned before so it was nice to see Allan get his own book and storyline because he was a character I always wanted to know more about.

Allan is a shape shifter and a diver with the local police. When his partner gets injured he is forced to work with a new one and that new one happens to be Debbie who comes highly recommended. At first their relationship is strictly professional and he is trying to keep the wolves a secret to her but gradually he is no longer able to do that when she gets shot at. Someone is killing humans and wolves thinking they are one of the same.

Who is behind the killings and will they be caught before its too late?

What will Allan do when he discovers what the pack has done?

If your looking for a fun and exciting series of books I highly recommend these books hands down you won’t be disappointed.