Updated Lampe Berger Review


Roughly about this time last year I was provided with a limited edition Lampe Berger Paris in Red Apple and I have to say it goes very well with my decor year round and especially during the holiday season. The scent I have been burning is Orange Cinnamon. I am actually almost done with the orange cinnamon and its last me about a year and that’s because I didn’t use it every day. I need to refill asap.

Did you know that as Canadians we spend roughly 90% of our time indoors? Did you know that a majority of us are unaware of the effects poor that poor indoor air quality can have on our health? As the colder weather creeps up on us we are staying indoors and breathing in what is in our houses.

In the past I have tried to keep my windows open for a bit just to let the air circulate in the house but over time you could tell the air wasn’t that great. I have gone the route of plants but I would eventually kill them all and then we got two potted trees thinking that would clean up the air but nope.

I have tried everything and then I guess we just figured we would need to accept it because air fresheners and candles weren’t cutting it and then it was like the God’s were shining down on us because that was about the time I was contacted to review this and I figured what did I have to lose right?

Did you know that we spend roughly $300 to $500 a year on air fresheners? I was one of those people and now I am happy to say that I no longer purchase  air fresheners, I just use my Lampe Berger.

Lampe Berger not only purifies the air but it will destroy odors and leave a lingering scent behind. I have noticed the difference in the air of our home since using the Lampe Berger. It feels cleaner and I have to say that as soon as anyone of us start sniffling I light the lamp and it seems to clear what ever is in the air which is good because we are a busy house hold.

If your looking for something that will purify the air in your home and destroy any lingering odor I highly recommend the Lampe Berger. It might seem like a lot but in the long run you will appreciate it and get a lot of use out of it.