Holiday Gift Guide Day 6/ Lampe Berger Stries Frosted


Today I have another product from the Lampe Berger line, it’s the Stries Frosted glass.

I was thrilled last year when I had gotten a limited edition Lampe Berger Paris in Red Apple. I love it and its gotten so much love out of. I was always looking for an alternative to air fresheners (solids, sprays and candles) to freshen up the air and then I was introduced to the Lampe Berger line. Since getting the Lampe Berger I haven’t bought any kind of air fresheners.

I feel in love with the concept of the Lampe Berger because not only does it leave a fragrance it also purify’s the air. Which is perfect come the fall or winter when your house is closed up and it gets stuffy and stale. I have also noticed the difference when we start to sniffle I will burn it and it makes a big difference.

This is one of the most easiest things to use. The instructions are as easy as pie and I promise you that within 20 minutes your home will smell amazing and clean feeling. Just remember that this is flammable so you have to keep your eye on it while it burns. I have mine on the mantle but when I burn it I move it onto a table.

I have to say that since getting one last year the line as  grown and there is so many to choose from. You can pick something that is basic, trendy or timeless, whatever look you are going for they probably have that style, size and color. Did you know that they have 50 different styles?

With my Stries Frosted I got the scent to go along with it and they sent me Provence Treats. This is the same scent that I talked about yesterday in my other review. I really like the scent and I think this is the perfect fall/winter to have burning.

One thing I like about the fragrance is that is listed into seven groups of scents such as, Functionals, Oriental Dreams, Sweet Dreams, Dreams of Flowers, Pure Dreams, Dreams of Fruits and Dreams of Freshness. Within in group there is various scents and there is over 50 to choose from.

The Stries Frosted retails for $68.00 and the fragrances comes in bottles that are 180 ml ($10), 500 ml ($24) and 1 litre ($40).

You can refill the fragrances over and over again but they do recommend that you use So Neutral between scents. This will optimize the operation of the burner and expand its life span.

Lampe Berger recommends replacing the burner after 140 hours of diffusion or the use of seven bottles of 500ml or 1 year usage. That is giving you 560 hours of fragrancing.

I think this would make the perfect christmas gift. You can purchase this online or you can check to see where they are sold in stores.

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I want to thank Lampe Berger for sending me this to include in my holiday gift guide.