Advent Calendars 2015

Its really hard to believe that tomorrow will be December, where did the year go?

Since tomorrow is December 1st I thought I would share with you all the advent calendars we are using this year.

Before I get into what physical calendars we are using this year I thought I would share with you one that on I saw on the Book Riot facebook page and its A Literary Advent Calendar and behind each day you could find a holiday poem, essay or short story and its all online. To go to A Literary Advent Calendar all you have to do is click here.

The first one is going to be one I spoke about in a earlier post today and its the Christmas Book Advent Calendar.


The second one is my favorite 24 Days of Tea by David’s Tea. I really love the idea behind the box this year as the whole kit can be reused again for next year. I love the drawers and the little gold colored tins.


The third one is for Michael of course and its the Lego advent calendar. He is really exited to start opening this up. He loves lego. Once our basement is complete I will have to show you a picture of his lego table. Its massive.


The fourth one is the Starbucks one. I picked this up at Costco a few months ago and this one seems like there is a lot of different items in it. Unlike the one you actually buy in a Starbucks from what I heard.


Finally the last one is the Lindt one. Can you tell which one is Michael’s? This will be the perfect after school one to open. Who doesn’t love a little piece of chocolate after a long day at school.


Do you do advent calendars? If so what are your favorites?

2 thoughts on “Advent Calendars 2015

  1. Heather says:

    wow, these are wonderful. The Starbucks one in the stores this year is 24 balls to hang on your tree. I am guessing there is a treat inside.

    Thanks for linking up with my Advent Calendar linky.

    • Cindy says:

      Heather apparently there are two versions of the Starbucks advent calendars, the ones from Costco and the ones from the actual starbucks store. The one from Starbucks actually has a $5 GC inside the last ball. I went looking for it and couldn’t find one as I would have like to get it oh well

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