Review/ Mommy & Me Bake

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I received this book for free from publisher/pr firm in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

  • Title: Mommy & Me Bake: Bake & Learn Together
    Publisher: DK Childrens
  • Pub Date: January 2015
  • Pages: 80

Is your child a budding chef, always wanting to help in the kitchen? Do you want to encourage your child’s cooking aspirations, but need recipes that are safe for children and things that you can cook together? Look no further than Mommy & Me Bake, the cookbook designed to offer parent and child the opportunity to work together as a team while teaching basic baking skills.

From simple kneading and mixing to creating whimsical designs and decorations that can be customized according to the creativity of your little chef, Mommy & Me Bake is designed to encourage experimentation, build self-esteem in your child, incorporate the silliness of cooking with a child, and encourage bonding and the joy of working together as parent and child. Every single recipe in Mommy & Me Bake is designed to teach, to be fun for children, and to taste delicious, so your child can be proud to share finished recipes at the family table or with friends!


I was recently approached by DK Canada to help promote some Spring titles in honor of March break. I am thrilled to have been asked because there is a ton of great books for spring break that I am looking forward to sharing with you this week. Thank you DK for reaching out to me.

I am going to admit that I don’t know when everyone celebrates their spring break in Canada and the US. We celebrated our spring break from March 1st to  8th.

If your like me you were probably one of the families who stayed home during spring break but longed to be anywhere but home. I know I wished I was somewhere a little more warmer then it was here.

I always have a hard time trying to figure out what we are going to do because if I don’t plan anything then I can almost guarantee that Michael will end up in front of the tv either watching it or playing video games or on the iPad. Thankfully DK came to the rescue.

The first book I am going to show case is Mommy & Me Bake (Bake and Learn together). This is the perfect book for kids aged from 5 to about 9 and who love to bake or want to learn to bake.

I love DK books because they include a ton of photos to accompany each page and everything is laid out in basic English and its understandable directions.

The book is broken down into Baking Basics. Cookies. Cakes, Bread and Pastry. Then within category you will get recipes, what you will need to make it and how long it will take, (prepping and cooking) and how many it will serve.

This is the perfect book to introduce kids to baking. Michael had fun baking in the kitchen with me one weekend and he learned how important it was to follow a recipe, to measure, and what things were. These are skills he will need when he is older and it was fun spending time with him and helping he bake.

We made some cupcakes, a marble cake and some pizza. He told me the pizza making was the hardest (the dough part) but he had alot of fun and was so proud of himself for what he did. I wish I would have take pictures but we were having so much fun that it slipped my mind.

So if your looking for a great activity to do this spring break then let me suggest picking up this book and baking with your child.