Pretty Tea Unboxing


I recently noticed on the side bar on my facebook page an ad for Pretty Tea for a mystery box of tea for $25. I was curious so I clicked on the link to find out what it was about.

Pretty Tea is a small business here in Montreal, QC that sells teas online. They have various green teas, black teas, white teas, rooibos tea, chai teas, herbal teas, oolong and mate teas in every possible flavor. You name it they probably have it.

I was very interested in the mystery box because for $25 (+shipping)  you are suppose to get a package that weighs 250g and you will get an assortment of teas, herbal teas and sugar so I decided to take a chance and order the mystery box.

A fellow Canadian youtuber, Mandy who I followed raved about it and she got 9 bags of teas, some sugar rocks and samples so why not give it a chance and this is what I got:



The mystery box consisted of 9 assorted teas in 25g sized pouches, three samples and one bag of rock sugar.

The three samples I got


The Rock Sugar is 50g


Rooibos Tea


Rooibos Tea


Black Teas


Almond Cookie & Cherry Rose Sencha are green teas. Fruit Pop is a herbal tea.


The mystery box is no longer available but you can still order teas on the site. I am excited to try these yummy teas out. Be sure to check out upcoming What’s On Yours? to see what I am drinking and what I think of them.