Birch Box January Edition #1


Birch Box will send you the current month’s Birchbox which will always include five personalized beauty samples from across categories (hair, makeup, skincare, body—you get the idea).

You’ll be charged for your subscription the day you sign up—it’s $10 a month (plus $4.95 shipping & handling) or $159.40 a year (that’s two months free!).

Monthly subscribers will be charged on the first of each month, and your box will be shipped out by the 10th. Annual subscriptions are charged in one fell swoop when you sign up.

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Good Morning everyone.

You are probably sitting there wondering why I am showing you a Birch Box unboxing after my rant in November (you can click on this to go there) and honestly I ended up caving when I saw that it was available here. I have lusted over the Birch Boxes since seeing blog posts and vlogs about the US boxes for all those years.

I am going by on the monthly plan so that I can cancel at anytime.

I am still confused as to why they never started to ship to Quebec from the get go because the product card is in English as is most of the products in this month’s box.

Speaking of this months box lets jump right into the box shall we. Firstly I have to say I like the box and its something that I will end up reusing. The theme this month is “2015 Let’s Do This.” and I agree lets do this.

This isn’t a favorite box but I am excited to try out the products.

~The first one is Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo. I love dry shampoos because there are times when I try not to wash my hair every day so having this on hand is perfect. The packaging is super cute and the smell is really nice.

SRV is $26.50 for 5.3 oz and I got a sample size of 0.75 oz.

~Derm e Hydrating Night Creme with Hyaluronic Acid. Try saying that 10x fast. I have never heard of this before. I am always a little worried when I go to try new skin care items so I will be trying this out slowly. Its got a nice smell to it.

SRV $31.00 for 2 oz and the sample I got was 1/2 oz.

~Harvey Price Hello Body Creme. This is another item I have never heard about until now. It has a nice citrus/floral smell that isn’t over powering and it blends into the skin amazingly not leaving you with a sticky mess. I noticed a difference in my hands and elbows from using it. Very Hydrating.

~SRV $26 for 12oz and I got a sample size of 0.50 oz.

~Model Co Party proof Lipstick in the shade Dusk Until Dawn. The packaging is really cute  and the shade is actually quite nice its like a nude dusty rose.

“There are two trio options to choose from: the Neutrals trio features Get Naked, a classic nude; Kitty, a soft baby pink; and Dusk Till Dawn, a deep nude with beige undertones; while the Classics collection has Peony, a hot pink; Red Velvet, a snappy red with hits of pink; and Disco Fever, a flirty coral.”

I really like this and I would consider purchasing the sets. I liked the color I got and I found it to be hydrating and non sticky on the lips. Its a semi-matte.

SRV $23 for 3 lipsticks at 0.13 oz and I got one of those lipsticks.

~Finally the last item in the box is Whish Shave Cream Acai Grapfruit. You can use this where ever you shave and I find that I tend to use a shave cream in the winter months when my skin is dry and itchy. I really like this and after shaving I was surprised that there was no redness or irritation to the sky. I always have problems in the winter time when I shave my legs. Not sure if this is something I would repurchase but I will give it a try.

“A moisturizing base of omega-rich squalene, organic shea butter, jojoba oil, and coconut oil protects against the redness and irritation associated with shaving, while organic green tea extracts infuse skin with antioxidants.”

SRV $22 for 150ml and I got a sample of 22 ml

So that was my very first Birch Box, what did you think? I am okay with what I got and the items will be used. Was I blown away? No but I am curious enough to go for another month.