First Book of The Year: 2015 (2nd Year)

Its hard to believe that we are less then a month  away from 2015.
I noticed that Sheila from Book journey posted on her blog yesterday that she was going to do the First Book of They Year: 2015 again. Ya I am so happy. This will be my second year doing this.
 Yesterday I started to go through my books to figure out what book I want to start reading on New Years Eve.

I am not quite sure what I want to read just yet and thankfully I have a about a month  left to pick one out. Do I pick out a book that I have had in my collection for awhile, and ARC or a book I got for Christmas?

I am thinking that I have a bunch of VC Andrews books that I bought and never read so perhaps I need to take one of them off my shelf and see if I can get back into them.

What will you be reading? How do you decide what you will read?
If you are interested in taking part please CLICK ON THIS TEXT and it will take you to her blog post so you can find out more about this fun event. Will you be taking part?
I will update this post when I figure out what book I want to be reading New Year’s Eve.