Blogmas 2014 (Day1)

Good Morning everyone and welcome to day 1 of Blogmas 2014.

Day 1blogmas

As you can see the topic today is Your favorite Christmas Traditions.

Growing up we always had a real tree and my parents would put it up on December 1st. We were also given our advent calendars at this time so that we could count down the days until Christmas.

One thing that my parents always did in regards to tradition was that each of us got a huge orange and apple in our stockings.

When I moved out and got married I told my husband that I wanted to start new traditions for us and our upcoming family and he was on board. I think all families need to have traditons or start them.

One of the big things for me was not putting up  our tree until after December 5th and that is because that’s my birthday. Growing up my birthday never truly felt special for me because all around me was Christmas decorations and money was usually tight for the family with Christmas so close so that meant if I wanted something really special I ended up getting it only at Christmas.

Anyways back to my story (hehe) so every year we have a real tree and the last few years we made it a point to go and cut our tree down at a tree farm with one of our closest friends.

Fabruary2014 2883
Getting ready to cut the tree down.

We usually let the tree sit over night and then we decorate it.

Fabruary2014 3038

Which leads me to our next traditon and that is each year we buy special ornaments for ourselves. So by the time my 11 year old moves out he will have his own starter set of ornaments and he then can continue the tradition with his family.

As you can see from last years tree we have many of them on the tree.

What are your favorite traditions?