Blogmas 2014 (Day 5)

Day 5blogmas

One of my favorite things about Christmas is all the yummy found that I get to encounter this holiday season.


For me it all begins with Christmas Eve when we make our turkey dinner with all the fixin’s (potatoes, carrot w/turnip, gravy, stuffings, and turkey).


Then on Christmas morning w either make pancakes with bacon with juice, fruit and a coffee or we will do eggs, ham, toast with fruit, juice and coffee.

On Christmas day we go to my in laws where we have home made soup with veggies and the whole turkey dinner again with wine and for dessert my mother in law makes a drum cake.

drum cake

This isn’t my mother in laws cake (I found this online because for some reason I don’t have my xmas photos from last year on my computer) its a delicious cake.

Then on boxing day we go to my sister’s house where we do a dessert party and we eat all kinds of goodies from cheesecake and so much more.

I also do some baking during this time of year with cookies, fudge and a fruit cake. Check back to find recipes for my favorite baked goods this month. They will probably be posted on a Sunday.

What are some of your favorite foods?