A great Stocking Stuffer Idea “Send A Cow”

the charity’s ambassador Gloria the cow

I have a love and hate relationship with Christmas. I love everything about it from decorating to baking but the one things I hate about it is the shopping. Please tell me I am not the only one, am I?

If I have  a list of ideas then I am okay but if I have to shop for someone who has everything and really doesn’t know what they want then then I am stuck! What do you get that person? Do you buy them whatever and hope that they will use it and not pass it on?

Well my dear readers I think I have one of the best ideas out there for that person that is hard to shop for, let me introduce you to this amazing company called Send a Cow.

About Send a Cow

Send a Cow was started by West Country farmers 25 years ago and in that time has transformed the lives of over one million people. Send a Cow works hand-in-hand with families in Africa, teaching them the skills they need to build lives free from poverty and hunger. By providing training, livestock, seeds and support, the charity helps create stronger communities for the future.

Send a Cow works with poor families in seven African countries, providing practical farming assistance that will last for generations to come and supporting families through every step of their journey out of poverty.

For the past few years we have always been supporters of giving friends and family living gifts in all shapes and forms and I have discussed one of those in previous blog posts and another one will be up on the blog shortly.

I think as a parent its important to let our children know that there are so many people in this world that have nothing and are just scrapping by to live when we have so much that we honestly take it all for granted. We need to teach them that we all need to give back in some form and honestly every little bit helps.

So if your looking for that special gift to give please check out Send a Cow’s Christmas catalogue because they contain gifts that make a difference to poverty-stricken families in seven African countries. Gifts range from ‘Local Cow’ (£205), which provides a farming family with milk and manure; ‘Little Donkey’ (£9) which helps families take good care of their four-legged friends who transport farm produce to market; and ‘Tip Tap’ (£10), a bestseller which improves hygiene levels in areas where soap and water are luxuries.

Gifts start out at £5 and go all the way up to £1450.

Send a Cow’s Christmas catalogue is available in print and online – go to www.sendacowgifts.org.uk 

This week I plan on purchasing a few things to add into stockings and to teacher’s gifts. Will you be doing the same?

Thanks to Jack from Send a Cow for making me aware of this great organization.