Being MIA for a bit

This week has been really rough for me and my family. As you can probably see from the blog I haven’t posted much this week and I am behind in two reviews I was suppose to have up for a blog tour. I will hopefully have those up very soon.

Sunday night my mother was rushed to the hospital by ambulance because she had fallen again. We are always at a lost for words when she falls because she says she blacks out and doesn’t remember what happened before that. Thankfully nothing was broken just a bad bump on her head.

The dr decided to admit her so that he could run a whole series of test on her because over the past few months she has started to rock back and forth and it has gotten worse. I have been up to see her and it was really heart breaking because the whole time I was there she cried. She had no idea where she was and why she was there and wanted to go home. We as a family told her that she would remain there until the drs found out what was going on.

Thankfully that news came today after all those tests and many years of trying to find out what was going on this one dr ¬†finally did discovered what was happening and said that she will need a pace maker. Her heart isn’t working properly and has stopped beating at times.

It feels really good to finally find out what is happening but with that being said I won’t be posting as much as I should in the next little while just because I literally have to divide my time up with work, my own family, hockey and my duties as team manager plus take care of my mother.

I will try to post as much as I can but for now I won’t be on a schedule.

Thanks so much for understanding.