Review/ Stone of Destiny



TITLE – Stone of Destiny Book 2
SERIES – The Danaan Trilogy
AUTHOR – Laura Howard
GENRE – Upper YA/NA Paranormal Romance
PUBLICATION DATE – April 21 2014
LENGTH (Pages/# Words) – 170 pages
PUBLISHER – Laura Howard
COVER ARTIST – Najla Qamber



Allison thought it was crazy enough when she found out her father, Liam, wasn’t entirely human. But now she has to join his magical allies to unravel his former mistress’s plans. Aoife wants to keep Allison’s parents apart forever.

Despite Allison’s efforts to keep Ethan, the only guy she’s ever cared about, out of this supernatural mess, fate keeps throwing him back into the mix.

Will Allison be able to find the amulet that holds the enchantment Aoife placed on Liam and destroy it? Are Ethan’ s feelings for Allison strong enough to endure the magic of the Tuatha De Danaan?


This is the second book in The Danaan Trilogy.  I absolutely love the cover for this book. What do you think?

I have been trying to figure out when the third book will be coming out but haven’t found anything yet and I am super curious and excited because I need to know how this series will end. So many cliff hangers and unanswered questions.

I was lucky enough to have the chance to read both the first and second book one right after the other which I really love but sucks when you don’t have the third one yet… hopefully soon.

Stone of Destiny begins right where The Forgotten Ones ended which I love as its seems like I was reading just one book. You really need to read this series in order so if you are thinking of buying them do so together.

I really enjoyed the book and my review will be a short one because I am afraid it will be full of spoilers and I don’t want to do that because I want you to go and buy the books.

Most of Stone of Destiny takes place in The Tuatha De Danaan and the book starts with a bang with non stop action.

Allison has hopes that perhaps now that her father is back that there can be some sort of reunion between her parents but there is one person standing in the way and its Aoife (Liam’s ex). She is determined not to let them have that happy family and she will stop and nothing to make sure that doesn’t happen.

With Allison being submerged into this new reality for her she realizes that she must just go with the flow and it is what is no matter what. She has come to terms with her feelings and realizes its now or never with Ethan and when she lets him know he is the jerk but I think that is due to the fact he was being forced to go against what he was feeling due to the powers of Aoife.

I really enjoyed reading this and can’t wait for book 3 to come out, which I hope is very soon cause I need to know what is happening.

Does anyone have any good recommendations for books with fae’s? If so please list them as I would love to check them out.