Review / Maggie Malone & The Mostly Magical Boots

Review / Maggie Malone & The Mostly Magical BootsMaggie Malone and the Mostly Magical Boots by Carolyn EvansJenna McCarthy
Published by Sourcebooks, Inc. on 2014-05-06
Pages: 224
Genres: Fantasy & Magic, Young Adult

If you could be anyone—who would you choose?

Sixth grader Maggie Malone is having her worst birthday ever. She's the new girl at Pinkerton Middle School where she has zero friends. And her favorite gift-giving aunt sent her a pair of boring, brown, hand-me-down boots. (Yeah, those'll make her popular.)

Maggie wishes her life could be more like tween pop sensation Becca Starr's. BAM! When Maggie looks around there's no ball gown or handsome prince—just a bright spotlight...and twenty thousand screaming fans. It turns out Maggie's boots are more than a little magical.

And now she gets to spend a day in the life of anyone she chooses... Be careful what you wish for...

When I read the synopsis of this book I knew I wanted to read this. Its a light and fun read.

These are two new to me authors and I have to say I really enjoyed reading the book and look forward to perhaps having more  Maggie Malone in the future.

Growing up I am sure at some point you wished you could live in someone else’s shoes, right? I know I sure did and plenty of times at that and honestly even as an adult I sometimes wish I could do it.

Who would you want to be for a day?

Maggie is a 6th grade girl who basically has everything she could ever want until her dad loses his job forcing Maggie to give up the world she has known of attending private school, her friends and more. The worst part is that its mid year so Maggie is being forced to attend public school.

To top all that off Maggie will be turning 12 very soon and her favorite aunt, Auntie Fi,  who always gives the best gifts sends Maggie a pair of old beat up brown cowboy boots. Maggie is truly disappointed and wonders if things could get any worse for her?

Auntie Fi has included a letter about the boots and it was after I read that, that I had to read more. I needed to know what these boots could do and how it would impact Maggie’s life.

These old beat up brown cowboy boots are going to change Maggie’s life and the way she looks at things. You will be in for one funny adventure as you read along. I highly recommend this book. Its a fun read. I am sure girls 12 and up would get a kick out of reading this.