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Title: Orphan Station
Author: John Kent
Published: March 9, 2014
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About the Book:
Those on Orphan Station were hardened officers, working to ensure the safe and efficient transition of passengers traveling from Earth to the new colony in the Eta Cassiopeia star system.

They certainly weren’t prepared for the arrival of Selene Sotana.

When her father died, the military men of Orphan Station became Selene’s family, the corridors of the station her playground. There, Selene could be princess or cosmonaut, destined for greatness as she found new ways to save the universe from space pirates and aliens.

Selene’s life was perfect until the day the captain called on her to save a real ship. Could she be the hero of her dreams? More importantly, could she keep her secrets from the passengers she saved?

About the Author
John Kent was born in Kingston, Ontario. He started reading at a very young age and started writing ten minutes after. He grew up on a farm where he envisioned aliens and dragons around every corner. He also has a habit of giving every animal in his growing flock an inner monologue complete with their own accents.

You can find John on Twitter and on his website.

The radio crackled for a few seconds before Benson said, “Selene? Selene? Where in the nine hells are you?”
I can’t deal with your crap now, Uncle, Selene thought. She was having enough trouble keeping herself from puking. “I am down in—”

Benson didn’t let her finish. “What in the nine hells are you doing, Sub-lieutenant?” he shouted. “I just had an officer tell me he passed you down on—no, I don’t care. Turn your ass around and get back here. Move, goddamn you, before I come down there and drag you back. Are you listening to me Selene?” Benson sputtered. She imagined him dripping with sweat, his eyes spinning like tops as he glared at the officers around him.
Selene sighed. “Yes, Lieutenant, I am. I can hear you perfectly.”

“Good. Now, Sub-lieutenant Sotana, get your ass back here. Now!” Benson said through gritted teeth. Selene was sure she heard one of his teeth crack.

Shaking her head as if the man could see her, Selene said, “I can save them.”

“No, Selene, you can’t. They’re already dead. And in about thirty seconds they’re going to spread out over the entire deck. Get back here.” His voice was hoarse.

“I can save them. All I have to do is open the door and reach out. I—” 

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