Review/ Drive Me Crazy

Title: Drive Me Crazy
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Author: Tracy Wolff
Publisher: Entangled Brazen
Pages: 210
Language: English
Format: Ebook

Source: I was provided an ebook to review.


His rival’s in his bed, and this rocker is ready to play.
Former rivals Quinn Bradford and Elise McKinney are not friends, at least not anymore. As teens, all they cared about was psyching each other out before concerts. But when Quinn—now the keyboardist for Shaken Dirty, the hottest rock band on the scene—returns to his hometown and hears about the car accident that shattered Elise’s career, he’s determined to make things right.
Elise wants nothing to do with an arrogant rock star, despite how bad she so clearly wants him, so Quinn kidnaps the stubborn little piano player and whisks her back to his mansion. A little seduction might be just the thing to keep Elise under his care…and in his bed. But amid pranks both childish and very adult, their past comes rearing back to haunt them. And it might be more than either of them can forget.


Since the new year I have decided to switch things up and I am starting to accept some ebooks for review. I downloaded the Kindle app onto my iPad which makes reading in bed a little easier. (Having the light on inconveniences some people.)

I have also started to read other genre of books as well. Its nice to step outside your comfort zone at times isn’t it?

As I was getting ready to write my review of the book I discovered that this was the second book in the Shaken Dirty series. The first book is Crash Into Me. The Shaken Dirty series is about the five rockers in the band Shaken Dirty and their lives. Your typical sex, drugs and rock n roll.

Tracy is also the author of the young adult series Tempest Unleashed, Tempest Rishing and Tempest Revealed. All of which I currently own but haven’t read. She writes under Tracy Deebs. Have you read this series?

Drive Me Crazy focuses on Quinn, the keyboardist of the band, Shaken Dirty. The book starts off with a little history of who Quinn was/is. We find out that Quinn was actually in his younger days a classical pianist. His rival was Elise. The both use to prank each other and were always looking to one up each other. I believe that they each had each others back. When they were 17 years old they took their relationship to the next level and sadly it ended like a one night stand. Elise never heard from Quinn again. Was Quinn just looking for that or is there more to the story then meets the eye?

Fast forward to ten years later. Elise was just in a major car accident. She has last her manager in the crash and pretty down when who talks into her hospital room but one Quinn. Elise notices the change in appearances right away.

The attraction between the two are very evident and they both know it. Quinn has always managed to keep track of Elise and her career and swears to be there for her because she has no one and nothing. Her musicial career is unsure due to her injuries she suffered from the car accident.

I loved both the characters and I truly believe that things happen for a reason. Perhaps it didn’t work ten years ago for them, nothing says it won’t happen this time around. I loved how playful they were around each other. They would prank each other and tease. It was just a sweet relationship to watch develop.

I have to say that you don’t need to read the books in order as I feel as though they are great stand alone books. Not once while I was reading this did I feel as though I was missing something. I will be buying the first book to read as I did enjoy reading this.

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