Guest Post/ Nate Rocks The City Author Karen Pokras Toz

I really want to thank Karen Pokras Toz for stopping by to do this guest post for me today. I know she has been very busy promoting her newest book and touring the blogosphere.

Check back tomorrow Tuesday for my review of the books Nate Rocks The City.

Finishing A Series – It’s Not Truly the End

I never imagined typing two words would be so difficult, but when it came time to write “The End” at the end of the Nate Rocks series, my hands froze. I was at my weekly writer’s group, and I felt my eyes begin to tear up. You see, in the three previous Nate Rocks books I had written, I had never typed “The End,” because it never was, “The End” – – but this time it was, only my brain and my fingers had trouble putting those words on the screen.

When I finally did it, I just sat there – and stared. The ladies in my writing group saw me wipe my eyes and asked me what was wrong. When I explained that this character, who was so much more than a character to me, would no longer be a daily staple in my life, they said, “He’ll always be with you.” I looked back at them, smiled, and realized they were right. Not only that, he’d always be around for children to enjoy as well.

There are books (many books in fact) I have purchased for my own children over the years, which were books that I enjoyed as a child. Books that they now enjoy and may even purchase or pass down to their own children one day. In listening to my friends in my writing group, I realized that is my hope for Nate Rocks.

Nate Rocks taught me to dream big. Live on, Nate – reading rocks!

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