Product Review/ Income Rafiki Friend Chain


The Income Rafiki Friend Chain provides sustainable financial tools to empower parents in a Free The Children community.

Every $10 Income Rafiki Chain helps empower parents, especially mothers, by providing the tools to generate sustainable sources of income, increase savings and start their own businesses.

Women who participate in alternative income and livelihood programming increase their capacity and skills. These skills not only benefit the women who attain them, but are passed on to friends and children who can use them in the same way, now and in the future.

That’s exactly what the Income Rafiki Friend Chain aims to do.

And remember, each Income Rafiki Friend Chain you buy is handmade by a Maasai mama who earns a fair wage to send her children to school, and helps an educated consumer make a socially conscious fashion statement.

Wear this treasure and give a mother the opportunity to thrive!


You might recall me talking about the Rafiki Friend Chains in my Virtual Advent stop earlier in December CLICK THIS TO READ THAT POST .

Since seeing the Rafiki Chains in Chapters I have become obsessed with them. I have been checking out the displays since then to see if anything new is out. So I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the Income Rafiki on the display. I quickly picked it up.

The bracelet is made with black, white, clear and gold glass Czech beads. Its elastic so it can stretch into a multi layer bracelt, a necklace, anklet or a head band. I wear mine as bracelets. Everytime I wear it I always get comments on it and people asking me where they can get one.

Its only $10 but its money well spent because the money goes back to provide women the tools to generate their own income. With each Rafiki sold you are able to track your impact it has made.

I am looking forward to adding this into my daily wearing. Along with my education, water and health ones.

If you are interested in purchasing one and your local Chapters doesn’t have them you can do so through Me to We site . It looks like they have added a whole bunch of new things to their site. Okay I am closing the page down and walking away from the computer.

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