Meme/ In Bed With a Book #9

My awesome friend Kate from Midnight Book Girl has introduced a new blog hop/meme to her blog called In Bed With a Book. This was a Sunday feature on her blog (and I believe she is still doing it on Sundays) and its basically a meme that you share what book you are reading today/this week.
There will be a link on her blog every Sunday so you can put your book there no matter what day of the week it is. I think for me I will continue to post this on Wednesday’s unless there is something I need to post on a Wednesday which it will then be posted on a Sunday.
This week I am almost done reading this:

I was hoping to have finished The Pledge this past weekend but it was once again a busy weekend. I am pretty sure I will be wrapping up this book today because I have Michael home from school today.

We went to see a hockey game last night (Montreal Canadiens Habs vs New Jersey Devils) and it was our first hockey game we went to so needless to say Michael went to bed really late last night so I decided to give Michael a mini vacation day. We have been chilling all day so far.

I am also reading this book on my iPad:

I normally don’t read two books at once but since they are totally different books I don’t mind.

What are you reading today?

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