Day 7 Book Blogger New Year’s Challenge: Top Ten Book Blogger Pet Peeves

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As a book blogger you have to admit to having some pet peeves, right? I mean we all have them.

I know this morning I was reading some posts and I admit I am guilty to some of the ones bloggers listed as their pet peeves. I think as a blogger you can learn from the lists and make changes. I know that is what I plan on doing. One step at a time.

So here is my list…don’t hate me 🙂 (This list is in no particular order)

  1. Having to say “NO” when you are sent a request. I find this is always the hardest thing to do when someone emails you to ask if you will review their book. Its not because I don’t want to review it, its just that I don’t have the time to do it.
  2. Design/Fonts/Color. Not quite sure how to label it. I hate discovering a new blog and they have that dark background with white lettering. You know what I mean right? I never stay to read their blog because its just to darn hard on my eyes.
  3. Sound effects. I hate where there is music/sound effects on a blog.
  4. Drama. I tend to stay away from blogs and bloggers who insist on Drama.
  5. Not enough hours in the day to read and blog.
  6. Book format changes. Why must publishers put out books in paperback and once they become popular put them in hardcovers? I hate starting a series in paperback and then all of sudden they are hard cover. I like all my books in one format.
  7. Not being able to afford to go to all these fantastic book conventions. I just don’t know how some can afford to go to them all.
  8. Jumping through hoops to leave a comment. I understand you are probably protecting your blog from spammers but your also making it harder for us  to comment.
  9. Copying of ideas. I guess this is geared towards youtubers. I follow one vlogger and they just did something before Christmas and now another vlogger is now doing the same thing. The exact same thing.
  10. Finally my last pet peeve is someone not reading my blog/policy to find out where I live or what I read and don’t read. Its all there in black and white.

So that is my list, do we have anything in common?

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