Day 11 Book Blogger New Year’s Challenge: TBR Shelf: How Many?

I knew this prompt TBR Shelf: HOW MANY? would eventually pop up on the Book Blogger New Year’s Challenge.
I honestly have to say I have no clue how many books are in my TBR shelves.
I can say that as of today (Saturday January 11th) I have 5 books that I recently got for review that I need to read.
For everything else I would have to make a guess because I have a ton of books boxed up in boxes in my basemet, a cedar chest full of books, two five shelved book cases (packed in) a small four shelf book case that is packed in as well as well as a stack of books beside one of the book cases.
I want to put a low number and I don’t want to go to high, so can I say roughly 400 books I currently have in my possession? That is my books alone and not my son’s who by the way has a smaller collection then me.
These are books that I bought, was given and picked up at BEA over the years.
Over the next month or so I will be doing some renovations in my basement so I will be going through those boxes and giving away a ton of books because if I keep everything there will be no room on the wall to wall bookcase we entend on building.
How many books are in your TBR?
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