24 Days of Tea 2013 Edition/ Day 2

Welcome to day 2 in the 24 days of Tea.
The tea for today is:

High altitude taste

Have you heard of the barbegazi? According to Swiss lore, they are a group of furry little men that live high in the Alps. They are known for their long, icy beards and enormous feet, which they use to ski down hills and surf on avalanches. But how do they stay warm up in the frozen mountains all year round? We like to think it’s with a fortifying brew like this almond-scented rooibos, with apple, cinnamon, and ginger. If you see some very big footprints next time you’re out hiking, follow them to the barbegazi’s cave and see if they offer you a cup. Limited edition.


Rooibos, coconut chips and rasps, apple pieces, cinnamon pieces, ginger bits, cardamom, black pepper, rose blossoms, almond flakes, artificial flavouring*.

Allergens: Tree nuts and coconut

This is a favorite of mine right now. I loved the smell and to me this is the perfect fall tea and one I would certainly buy this when I am done the tin.

I loved the taste of this and no extra sugar was needed. You can also nibble of the coconut chips, apple pieces and the almond flakes.

So far so good with the teas. Would you drink this?

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