24 Days of Tea 2013 edition/ Day 1

Today is the first day of the 24 days of Tea. I am so excited and can’t wait to dip into this box.
The tea today is:
Say what you will about winter, but it might just be our favourite season. We love getting good and chilly out in the snow. And warming back up with a comforting drink is even more fun. So we created a cool, creamy drink that brings togethereverything we love about the season. It has peppermint for a burst of freshness. White chocolate for comfort and warmth. And pretty peppercorns just to make you smile. Sweet, comforting and refreshing, it’s a warm hug and a cool winter’s day – all at once. Limited edition.


Peppermint, white chocolate, pink peppercorn, stevia leaf, natural sugar flavoring, natural and artificial white chocolate mousse flavoring*.
Contains milk and soy.

This is my second year of having the 24 Days of Tea advent calendar and I have to say that this year the box is much cuter then it was last year.

I love the element of surprise and when I opened the box I was happy to see that today’s was White Chocolate Frost. I am not a huge fan of white chocolate but I was pretty impressed with the tea. I enjoyed the cup I brewed. The only thing was I had to add a touch of sugar to it. This one will definitely be used up.

The tea was perfect for today because it was a chilly day out and it was a perfect day to curl up on the couch with a book and this tea.

As you can see the daily tea comes in reusable metal tins (can’t wait to use these for something) with enough tea for 3-4 cups of tea. You also get instructions on the tab on how much tea you need to make a perfect cup.

Are you a fan of tea? Is this something you would want to try?

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