15 Day Book Blogger Challenge… Day 1 (15 Book Related Confessions)

I am finally back from my exciting vacation and at the time of writing this I am suffering from jet lag and I was told for every hour in time difference it takes that in days to get back to normal. So for me the time difference was 6 hours.

We are practically falling asleep on the couch in the evenings at 6pm and I have been waking up at 2am. Its been brutal and the days are long. Thankfully things are slowly getting back to normal and I think Michael has been really lucky and its going faster for him.

Anyways when I got back home and started checking my blog I kept seeing a bunch of bloggers I follow taking part in April’s ( Good Book Good Wine ) 15 Day Book Blogger Challenge . I was quickly intrigued so I had to head over to see what it is about.

Granted I am late in starting this but it was nice to see that April is keeping this going for awhile so yay. Its never to late to sign up and start all you have to do is head over to the 15 Day Book Blogger Challenge to find out how to get started.

Today’s topic is:

Make 15 Book Related Confessions
  1. If you know me in my real life you know that I am very anal about my books. If I lend a book out I expect the book to come back in the condition it went out in and if it doesn’t then I won’t let that person borrow again.
  2. I admit that I probably have more books then I know what to do with and I am okay with that because they will eventually be read.
  3. I admit I sometimes will buy a book just because the cover is beautiful.
  4. When I first started blogging I experience TBR guilt but over the years I am okay with it more so if they are my own books that I bought.
  5. I hate when publishers switch the format of the books. Ie you start reading in paperback and it becomes a hit and they switch to hardback.
  6. I am so bad about writing a review when I am done the book.
  7. If I discover a new book will be a part of a series I tend to wait until they are all out before reading them.
  8. I always read before going to bed at night.
  9. I am really good with passing my books along when I am done with them if I don’t want to keep it.
  10. If I lend a book, I really expect it to be returned unless I specifically tell you differently. So many books haven’t been returned and that saddens me because they are books I really wanted to keep in my collection.
  11. Every 6 months I tend to clean up my collection. I will go through it and reorganize the books and decide if they are still to be reads and if not then they are passed along to friends or the library.
  12. The scholastic book club forms from the school are my downfall and I tend to order quite a few books from there in the school year.
  13. I take advantage of our public library quite a bit over the year but more so in the summer. Its a great way to read a new release book you just heard about without spending the money.
  14. I never ever dog ear a book (my own or a library book). If I am starting a book and I need to mark my page I will use what ever I have on hand.
  15. Finally my last confession is, is that I totally get so jealous of the bloggers who get to attend so many great author events in there city or book conferences. Sadly here in Montreal not alot of authors come here and conferences for book bloggers never happen.
Do you share any of these confessions?
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