Lip Factory Inc May & June Edition

As you know one of my favorite beauty box subscription services is Lip Factory Inc. I always love each and every box they send. If you are interested in subscribing I would appreciate it if you used me as a referral.

For everyone person that uses me as a referral I get points which I then can redeem for a free box. Just leave me a comment if you plan to do so, so that I can keep track.

Now this month is a little different because I have two boxes. They are for May & June. I didn’t get the May box before leaving for NYC last month so it was nice to come home to some packages.

So lets get onto it shall we. The first box I am going to show you is the May box.

 This is everything I got in the box for May.

 A brand we get quite often in the box is from 29 Cosmetics which I like because I don’t think you can get this here in Canada. Its a Lash Lengtheing, Curling, and Conditioning Mascara. Its a black mascara and I have to say that I really do like the smell of it. Its a long lasting anti-oxidant enriched D’Vine mascara with grape seed extract to help nourish your lashes and protect them from environmental pollutants and harmful effects of free radicals.

 This is a new to me company and its called LiSi Cosmetics. They sent us a Line & Define automatic Eye Liner pencil that is retrackable which is nice because you don’t have to worry about sharpening it. It came in the shade Tsunami and I would describe it as a dark gray. It went on really nice and it has a but of a shimmer to it.

 I believe we have gotten things in the past from Two Cosmetics which I don’t mind because this was a duo eye shadow in the shade Daydreamin’. This is how the website describes the colors “pewter gray with hints of dusty blue/green in shimmer & matte. amazing for the outer V of your daytime smoky eye or as a lower lashline liner. unique color that brightens up every eye color. paraben-free!”

I really like the colors.

 Sorry that this is upside down (don’t know why because I had fixed it before posting this but for some reason it flipped over again) this is a sample of md formulations and its a facial cleanser. I can’t wait to try this out when I get back from vacation.

 I was so thrilled when I opened my box to discover I got a nail polish. I don’t own anything by LA Splash. Its in the shade Atlantis. Its a beautiful purple polish with specks of blue and purple glitter. I was happy when I took the picture because you can see some of it in the picture.

 I have never heard of Sweet Pea & Fay before and I was excited to get this liquid lipstick. Although I have to say that it was kind of hard squeezing it out and when I finally got it to come out it came out in a blop and its just seems like its not the right color for me. Its a little too bright and a in your face color. As you can see from the above swatch.

Finally another company that we see to get a few items from and its from Ofra. I believe this is a lipgloss and its in the shade Bordeaux. To describe it I would have to say a deep burgunday/purple. It has a doe foot applicator and its got a really nice smell to it. I did find it a little sticky but I would wear this probably more in the fall.

Now onto the June box.

 June was another awesome box that I loved each and everything.

 The first item is from Manic Panic and its a High Voltage Gloss. Its 100% vegan & paraben free. It came in the shade Radioactive and its a beautiful shimmery red gloss. I don’t think I would wear this everyday but perhaps to a special event or occassion. I loved that it came with a mirror on the side of the tube and when you take the cap off it lights up making putting on so much easier.There is no smell to it that I could taste and I love that the applicator is a doe foot one.

 Another item from Manic Panic was this Creature of the Night mascara. I didn’t open it up so I am presuming its black. I have quite a few ope mascara’s that I need to use up first before opening it up. Its cruelty free and vegan as well.

 Another new item was this loose mineral eye dust in the shade Turquoise from Colour U. Its a very pretty color but I have to admit that I am not a huge fan on the loose shadows. Not sure why just not a fan.

 I am slowly discovering a love  for Essence items so I love being able to try things from this company. This time I will be able to try this Essence Volumizing lush powder.


 This month again we got something from 29 cosmetics and its a lip stick with SPF 20 in the shade Wine Critic. I love the color very pretty and I have to say its a me color and I love how it went on and the texture. Nothing sticky about this.

 Something I have gotten in the past from other beauty boxes was the Befine packs. I love these and I love having a few on hand. This on eis the Exfolliating Cleanser with brown sugar, sweet almond and oats. This was one of my favorites.

And finally this month I got another polish. If you know me you know I love getting nail polishes. This is a new brand to me its by london town. The name isn’t on the bottle and I am trying to recall the name because I saw it online and I think its Thames from the Eye. Its a very pretty creme polish in the shade blue green. I am probably going to use this very soon.

So overall I have to say that I am really impressed with box boxes and I do find that it pays for itself and more so when its items I am excited to try and use. I believe everything was full sized.

What do you think? Anything interests you?

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