Easter Treats from Lush

Okay when I had originally bought the following Lush products I instantly thought of doing this post but as I sit and write this up I realized my planning of this post wasn’t exactly right. I am sorry about that.

I probably should have planned to do this long before now because I am not sure that these are still available.

Earlier in the month of March I saw these at my following Lush store and bought them to try and funny enough whenever I would go to use one of these items Michael wanted to try them out so I ended up having to go back and buy a set for myself. I love Lush products and hopefully for the next big promo I will do it right.

The first item I tried was Henata. It sells for $7.95 and its currently sold out.

Our Easter hen is inspired by a colorful piñata, and is meant to be smashed on the side of the tub to reveal the hidden surprises inside. Should we tell you what they are? Why not! This hen lays a Bath Bomb egg just for you, and it’s surrounded in soap paper flower petals to scrub up with. Perfumed with fresh and citrusy tangerine, bergamot and mandarin oils, Heñata is a fiesta for your tub.


This was the second bath bomb I used this month and I loved it. This is very colourful as you can see with the orange and yellow colors. It smelled delicious before smashing and even more so after smashing it. You can tell right away that its a citrus smell and we loved that smell. The water turned yellow/orange which Michael loved. The only thing is I think if I was to re buy this again next year I don’t think I would use this at bed time because its more of a wake up and smell me scent. Not relaxing at all.

This is called The Brightside and its sales for $8.95 and sadly this is sold out as well.

A brand new invention this spring, The Brightside is a bright and cheerful bubble bar to bring you a fresh perspective. When you crumble it under the running tap, the water will turn into a hazy red and orange sunset with frothy white clouds of bubbles. Sink in and inhale the Sicilian mandarin, tangerine and bergamot oils. You’ll emerge from the tub feeling clear and energized.

I discovered that this is a limited edition soap. I ended up breaking this into four pieces so we were each allowed two baths. This was another lovely bath item. It gave off a ton a bubbles and it left the water orange/yellow. The smell was delicious and very citrusy. Its exactly what I needed in March with the snow and cold temperatures. I would definitely buy other scents in this format.

This is a limited edition soap and its called Egg Hunt and it sells for $7.95/100grams

The entire round of this soap looks like a giant lawn studded with Easter eggs waiting to be found. We’ll cut you a fresh slice to take home and wash up with, or hide around your home for the family to find. They’ll just have to follow their noses to the fruity raspberry, orange, lemon and violet leaf scent!

This was so pretty in the store that I just had to buy some. It looked so cute when it was whole because it literally looked like a patch of grass covered with Easter eggs. It smells so good and I am not really a raspberry fan but all the other scents make it a very nice soap. This was placed in our upstairs bathroom to get a longer use of it.

This was the most expensive item in the whole Easter promo. This is the Immaculate Eggception. It sells for $12.95 and comes in Yellow and Pink. Sold out.

Inside each giant fizzy egg is a secret surprise. What is it? You’ll just have to crack the Bath Bomb shell to find out! Get a hold of your egg, line up the crease with the edge of a hard surface and give it one good WHACK! Once it’s cracked, you can drop the shell in your tub for a beautiful ylang ylang, grapefruit and vanilla bath. And of course, enjoy the mysterious treat inside, too.

You are able to get three baths out of this. Michael wanted the yellow and I took the pink one. I told Michael that there would be a little surprise in the eggs so he was excited to get into his bath to find out what it was.  I actually loved the scent of this and was surprised at how much I liked it. I thought at first that the price was a little steep but when I discovered it was good for three baths I realized that it was a good deal.

This Fluffy Egg was probably my favorite of them all and the price is great at $6.95. This is out of stock as well.

Fluffy Egg is enormously popular every Easter. While we love the cheery pink color, we think it might be because Fluffy Egg smells like a vanilla ice cream cone that fell into a cotton candy machine. The scent comes from the (now retired) Candy Fluff dusting powder, so those of you who adore Creamy Candy bubble bar will fall madly in love with Fluffy Egg. Pick up a dozen while they’re still here!

I was really happy to find out that this is almost a staple every Easter so now I know next year to stock up on these. This smelled delicious and I could smell the vanilla and the cotton candy smell. I think this was the first one I put in the bath that caused Michael to want to jump in. It left my main floor in the house smelling so good and spring like. My only regret is not picking up more when I had the chance. Now I know for next year.

Finally the last item that I bought are we are currently still using is Carrot (bubble bar). It sells for $7.95 and it might still be available at least online it is.

Hop into the tub this Easter with the best-smelling ‘vegetable’ you’ll ever enjoy. This bubbly carrot may not improve your eyesight, but it will fill your bath with piles of frothy lemon and buchu scented foam. Simply grab the carrot by its top and swish, swish, swish around your tub and set it aside to use again and again. This beauty is good for 7-10 baths, so you should have lots to keep you busy until the Easter Bunny makes his visit to your house.

This is another one I loved the smell of this (nice citrus and perfect when you are longing for spring to come) and loved that you could just hold onto the green part and swirl it around your bath to get the desired amount of bubbles that you want in your bath. The only thing you should make sure that when you dry it its not on a flat surface. You can expect to get at least 7 baths from this one carrot.

So this is my favorite Easter Lush items. What would you want to try?

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