MEME/ Sunday’s In Bed With……#38

The awesome blogger behind this is Kate from Midnight Book Girl   not only is she an awesome blogger but she is was one of my roommates for BEA. YAY!!

Midnight Book Girl

Sundays In Bed With….is a meme I’ve started to share the book we’re spending the morning in bed with, or the one we’d like to stay curled up in bed with all Sunday if only our busy lives would allow! For fun, take a picture of the book in your bed, or simply write up a post or comment below sharing your Sundays in Bed With book. Quoted from Kate’s blog.

OMG is it really that time of the week again? Plus I just noticed that this is the last Sunday of February and the last week. Where is the time going?

I am late in getting this up again and I honestly meant to do it last night but things come up in real life.

I didn’t get to spend the morning in bed reading because we decided last night that we really should go to church since its been awhile and Michael has to go to Faith First classes right after so why not go.

If I was able to stay home to read this is what I would be reading:

I started reading this yesterday and I am almost half way through this and really like. I love the cover.

So what did you get to read today? 

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